10 000 places for voting can be hacked, because they use Windows 7

10 000 мест для голосования могут быть взломаны, поскольку они используют Windows 7

Many election commissions can be hacked, because are still using computers with older, more vulnerable version of Windows.

In April last year a senior representative for the elections in Pennsylvania, said districts that they need to upgrade their computer systems. To date, almost 60% of commissions have taken steps to that spent 14 million dollars. However, not all are ready for new elections – more than 10 thousand points across America vulnerable to hacker attacks.

An analysis by the Associated Press showed that, as in many districts of Pennsylvania, the vast majority of all electoral commissions in the US are using Windows 7 or an older operating system to create newsletters, programs, voting, vote counting and reporting.

This is important, because Windows 7 will no longer receive technical support from 14 January, which means an open door to hackers. The results of this analysis Microsoft said Friday that it will offer continued security updates Windows 7 with a charge until 2023, to keep the safety of the public systems of the United States.

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