10 best movies about love that won’t disappoint you

10 лучших фильмов о любви, которые вас не разочаруют

Sometimes each of us and wants to plunge into the world of love and sincere love, to live with the characters every moment and experience with them all their obstacles to happiness. These films return us to the belief that true love exists. Recommend a good selection for Valentine’s Day.

Love has always occupied the first positions in life. If we love and love us, our life comes to happiness, success, inspiration, we are always in a good mood, do everything with pleasure and joy. LifeStyle 24 the editors have chosen a dozen better movies that will give you inspiration and belief that love lives forever.

“5 steps to love” (2019) (Five Feet Apart)

Love is the strongest medicine in the world. It is able to heal all wounds and cure a terrible diagnosis. The main character of Stella – cystic fibrosis, so she is not allowed to approach people closer than a meter. The fact that at close range she can infect others with the deadly bacteria.

Life Stella is a cage from which it cannot escape. However, one day she meets a guy with the same diagnosis as her. Will also knows that he cannot get too close to people, but can not to deal with it. And if love exists, she lives at a distance of one meter.

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“A star is born” (2018) (A Star Is Born)

“A star is born” is a story about love and music on one stage, in the center of which are Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Melodramatic film tells the story of the star of country music Jackson am main, which fades in the music industry after the great popularity. Into his life comes a sweet girl Alice with an incredible voice, but she does not show it to the public. Jackson is reluctant to the voice of the beloved is heard, and begins to perform with her in Duo.

After the girl won the hearts of millions of fans, their relationship gradually fade away. Alice pays more and more time concerts, and Jackson glass.

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“Harry and Megan: history of the Royal love” (2018) (Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance)

Who doesn’t love a beautiful love story, especially if they concern the Royal couple and happy a happy ending? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has received wide popularity not only after marriage and the birth of a son. Before they legalized their relationship, their photo had disappeared from tabloids and publications.

The story of how a rebellious Harry finally found shelter for the soul and heart near fragile Meghan Markle showed on the screens. In the biographical romance you will fall into the acquaintance of Harry and Megan. It is known that reduced future spouses, their friends, give them a blind date.

The plot of the film focuses on the development of the relationship of Prince Harry and canadian actress Meghan Markle, their secret affair and public outcry that it caused.

Watch the trailer of the film “Harry and Megan: history of the Royal love”: video

“Spies, allies” (2016) (Allied)

Romantic drama “Spy-allies” based on real events. This is a story about two spies who fall for each other during the mission to eliminate the German Ambassador. Screenwriter Steven knight learned of this story when he was 21, and decided to put it on the screen.

The main character Max Watan – a canadian pilot working for the UK’s intelligence. Marian Beausejour – member of the French resistance, who miraculously survived after the defeat in Paris. Their plans for life became one after meeting in Casablanca. She was so special that they even fled to Britain, where he eventually got married.

After a dangerous mission behind enemy lines, max say that his favorite is probably a Nazi spy. The man begins his own investigation, and if this be true, he must go on a desperate step.

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“Choice” (2016) (The Choice)

Go and prepare the handkerchief, because you will find a romantic love story of Travis and Gabby, who live in the small coastal town of Beaufort. The life of a heartthrob and ardent bachelor-changing in that moment when he has a new roommate – a modest and quiet girl. Travis so liking the beauty that he tries to win her attention. Charismatic guy girl also stuck in my head.

Once the lovers realize that they have nowhere to flee, and all that remains is to confess to one another their feelings. Subsequently, however, Travis finds out disappointing news: the girl he’s in love with has a boyfriend. And now the heroes will face a difficult time, because they have to understand their feelings and make difficult choices. “Choice determines every moment of your life” – say the creators of this film.

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“Before I met you” (2016) (Me Before You)

Love is waiting for us there when we don’t think. A young 26-year-old girl Louisa Clark, whose family barely making ends meet, looking for work to at least to make some money money. She worked as a waitress in a cafe, and at the poultry farm, and in the beauty salon, but could not stay long. After an active job search, she was offered the job of a nurse in a wealthy family.

Its main job is to take care of paralyzed guy will Traynor, who before the accident was a millionaire, and quite active person. In his life had it all: beautiful girls, entertainment, prosperity, a lot of plans and desires. After an accident, he lost the meaning of life.

Sincere thoughts and human kindness Louise helpless tend to turn a cynic into a happy man.

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“The age of Adaline” (2015) (The Age of Adaline)

The main character was born in the twentieth century and continues to live for 100 years. If you think that we will continue to describe the plot of the fairy tale, you are mistaken. So, the story is really a bit unusual, but pretty poignant and romantic. In no other way, because the main role in the film takes the stunning Blake lively.

The life of Adaline changed on one cold, late in the evening, when she was in a car accident. After that she stopped aging, and is beginning to bring pain instead of joy. Her daughter is already significantly aged, her face wrinkles, while Adaline remains of a young beauty.

New year’s eve a woman’s life changes from head to toe. She meets a man with whom she has spun the novel, and later grow into a crazy love. However, on the way to a happy life still need to navigate a lot of obstacles that await both.

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“Best in me” (2014) (The Best of Me)

The love story of Amanda and Dawson began when the heroes were quite young, and to make serious plans for the future before. Their lives took different paths, but fate brought them together again only twenty years later, when Amanda came to his hometown for the funeral of their close friend.

After meeting with Dawson, they both realize that their youthful love, and Vice versa, over the years became even stronger. However, life is not so simple. If Dawson has almost nothing has changed, then Amanda has a family and a grown son. And now it is faced with a choice.

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“Dear John” (2010) (Dear John)

Melodrama “Dear John” is a band that is full of real emotional feelings and experiences. The main character, John Tyree is a soldier of the US army. Arriving home on leave, he meets College student Savannah and falls in love with her. The young couple feelings is mutual, so they spend two weeks of love and passion.

However John came to the end of a vacation and it needs to go to Europe to the place of permanent service. A large-scale tragedy that occurred on 11 September 2001 in new York changes the whole spectrum of future plans of the lovers. John decides not to go back to the girl, despite this promise, and is fully committed to protecting their country. Savannah always writes letters to his beloved, but he rarely answers them…

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“Revolutionary road” (2008) (Revolutionary Road)

The legendary couple Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet once again appear on the screens with a difficult life story. The story takes place in the middle of 1950-ies in one of the suburbs of new York. The couple is 7 years married and has two children. April spends all his time in monotonous homework, and Frank drowned in his boring job. Each of them wanted to live a free and independent life, but both become hostages of the circumstances.

To do what they wanted, they need to move to Paris, where they realize their creative potential. However, because fate has prepared them a number of tests which they must pass together.

Watch the trailer of the film “revolutionary Road”: video

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