104-year-old veteran, who never celebrated Valentine’s Day, I received 70 thousand postcards from around the world

104-year-old veteran, who never celebrated Valentine’s Day, I received 70 thousand postcards from around the world Author: Alina Dykman Photo: Screenshot/YouTube Valentine’s Day California US news 104-летний ветеран, который никогда не праздновал День Святого Валентина, получил 70 тысяч открыток со всего мира

William white, 104-year veteran of the U.S. marine corps, received the Purple heart in world war II, this is the first year celebrating Valentine’s Day, but still surrounded by mountains of 70,000 postcards from around the world.

Valentines for the “major bill”, retired military, living in institution for older people in Stockton (California) began to arrive after one of the staff started campaign on social media called “Operation Valentine.” He asked me to send a card to a veteran who never celebrated on February 14. At first, the goal was a modest 104 cards – one for each birthday of the white but the reaction of the people exceeded all expectations.

“It’s just fantastic”, said major white, surrounded by stacks of envelopes with the Valentines. According to preliminary calculations, he sent 70,000 postcards from each U.S. state and several foreign countries.

The family of a veteran had to attract volunteers to help print the envelopes and read the warm wishes to major white, who retired after 35 years of service, including on the Pacific front of world war II, where he was wounded in the battle of Iwo Jima.

Many people expressed deep appreciation not only white for his service, but to all the veterans who have gone before.

A woman named Jane told William white that her late grandfather was also involved in the Second world war, he was a paratrooper. This year he would have turned 100 years old.

“I miss him so much, she wrote. – Sending you this postcard, I feel to send a card to your grandfather.”

This is all so new to major white, who said he never celebrated Valentine’s Day, even when his wife was alive.

“I was just speechless when I saw this mountain of letters,” the veteran said.

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