14 movies about love for Valentine’s Day

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

Valentine’s day is not just flowers and gifts. It’s time for warm cozy evenings in the company of heartwarming movies. We have collected several movies that will definitely create a good mood.

Movies for Valentine’s Day

1. “Boyfriend from the future” (“About Time”, 2013).

A romantic Comedy, the plot of which revolves around a young Tim Lake and girls Mary. At the age of 21, Tim’s father tells his son that the men in their family for many generations have the ability to travel through time.

In love with a young man who is experiencing constant failures with Mary, decides to return again and again in the time space and change details first date, which he thought was imperfect. But one day everything goes wrong, and Tim decides on its own to make it better.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

“Boyfriend from the future” (video):

2. “P. S. I love you” (“P. S. I Love You”, 2007)

The story about the two lovers Holly and Gerry, who have been married for 9 years. However, their happiness lasted not for long – her husband died of a tumor. The life Holly had collapsed in one moment, which she falls into a severe depression.

But later, the girl from nowhere start to receive letters from her husband, Jerry before his death wrote her a few tips to make her feel better. Step by step, Holly listening to the words of her late lover in and out of depression.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

P. S. I love you(video):

3. “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, 2004)

Romantic semi-fantastic drama tells of the meeting of Joel and Clementine literature on Valentine’s Day. A couple in love after a long and lasting relationship understands that from them some to the dissimilarity of the characters and predpochtenii the situation can not continue.

With the ability to erase from your mind any memories, Clementine decides to erase and forget everything that connected her with Joel. A man decides to do the same, but some memories for him especially valuable, and in the process erasing the memory he decides to leave everything and to win the heart of the Clementine literature again.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

. “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind(video):

4. “Pride and prejudice” (“Pride and Prejudice”, 2005)

Wonderful British-French film adaptation of the novel by English writer Jane Austen. The events in the film take place in England in the 18th century. The family of Mr. Bennett and his wife raising 5 beautiful daughters. In the heyday of their youth, parents try to provide a happy life for their children, but single men still they did not manage to find.

But once next to the family of Bennetts appears rich bachelor Mr. Bingley, in a circle of friends which appears and Mr. Darcy. Among girls, the brewing hostility to each other, because each is trying to fall in love with men. However, only one daughter Elizabeth won the heart of the impregnable Darcy.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

Pride and prejudice(video):

5. “Scott pilgrim vs. the world” (“Scott Pilgrim or The World”, 2010)

The film, loosely based on the comic book series, tells the story of one 20-year-old boyfriend Scott pilgrim. Rock musician, despite the popularity among girls, has a relationship with a high school girl Knives. Subsequently, however, Scott accidentally meets the girl of his dreams – Ramona. But not so simple. Girl who has a bright appearance, does not admit to a boyfriend. Forgetting about NYSE, Scott confronts a different task – to win the heart of Ramona.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

“Scott pilgrim vs. the world” (video):

6. “Dear John” (“Dear John”, 2010)

The film tells about the relationship between two people in love – John and Savannah, who within two weeks starting their love story. The guy is in the army of the U.S. armed forces and during the holidays promises to his girlfriend that next year he’ll be back. During the separation, they send each other letters, but at one point the reviews are becoming sadder – their future is interrupted by the terrorist attack on the twin towers-twins.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

“Dear John” (video):

7. “The notebook” (“The Notebook”, 2004)

A beautiful love story of a simple country boy Noah and rich girls ally, that despite the threats of parents to develop their relationship. However, over time, Ellie listens to the elders and leave the guy. Noah meanwhile was in the Second world war. After the war he returns home – Ellie finds a rich husband of Lona. However, after a long separation, Allie meets Noah and understands that feelings have not faded.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

The notebook(video):

8. Gone with the wind (“Gone with the Wind”, 1939)

A classic movie that wants to revise again and again. The young Scarlett O’hara has everything in life that you want. On the background of the eternal talk of inevitable war girl dreams about getting married to Ashley in Wilkes – rich and beautiful owner of a neighboring plantation. But later, Scarlet finds out that the coveted male chose a different life partner, and the civil war in the United States, according to non-random in her life men Rhett Butler already here-here will begin.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

Gone with the wind (video):

9. “The holiday” (Holiday, 2006)

Who else still feels the spirit of Christmas, we offer you to watch a hilarious romantic Comedy in the center of which were two very happy women. Iris Simkins is the author of wedding column one of the popular media, along with her husband lives in a cosy English countryside. A woman in love with her husband, but she knows he has another passion. In another corner of the globe, Amanda woods, owner of California’s advertising Agency, also finds out that his beloved is cheating on her.

The fate of two women intersect by chance, when they find each other on the site of the exchange of homes for vacation. The experiment to which they went and changed their lives forever.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

The holiday(video):

10. “Light in the ocean” (“The Light Between Oceans”, 2016)

The incredible love story of Tom and Isabel, who despite facing challenges trying to find happiness. Family nest have forgotten what joy is. A pair of lovers after many attempts unable to have children. The life of young people changes when on the shore of the sea comes a boat with a dead man and a baby. The couple takes it as a sign, and for several years raising a child, however they do not realize how important the choice will appear before them soon.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

“Light in the ocean” (video):

11. “My king” (“Mon roi”, 2015)

French adaptation, which is based on the story about the woman Tony that because of the knee injury is severe rehabilitation. A period of physical recovery, Tony reflects and reinterprets its past, in which her husband Giorgio, a conjecture on women for years that some of it hides. The complicated relationship of two people who gave them to her son, still can’t find the real truth.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

“My king” (video):

12. “Best in me” (The Best Of Me”, 2014)

Dawson Cole and Amanda Collier in adolescence did not understand himself with joy when spend time together. The guy’s life was not easy, for that the girl’s father forbade them to communicate. Dawson as a result of random events goes to jail and Amanda’s life changes radically. 21 years later they meet at the funeral of a former neighbour of Dawson, where a man learns about the life of his former lover. It seems the feelings for so many years faded, but they both realize that this meeting is not accidental and very soon she will change their destiny.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

Best in me (video):

13. “For once in my life” (“Begin Again”, 2013)

The legend of American show business, Dan and Greta is a modest singer and musician who was dumped by the star boy, accidentally found in one of new York’s pubs.

Greta song, which sounds from the stage bar, forcing Dan to let go of a failed business and suicide, for which he decided to go. The meeting of two young people gives a new chance for everyone to start his life as they dream.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

For once in my life (video):

14. “The age of Adaline” (“The Age of Adaline”, 2015)

Young woman Adaline, due to a terrible accident noticed a fabulous feature. Despite a warm relationship with her husband and daughter, Adaline realizes she is no longer aging. To avoid any suspicion, the woman leaves the family and leaves home.

She is incredibly difficult, because a life devoid of opportunity to grow old with your loved ones close, all the more irksome character.

14 фильмов о любви ко Дню святого Валентина

“The age of Adaline” (video):


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