17-year-old Internet star killed by online boyfriend

17-летняя звезда интернета убита онлайн-ухажером

17-year-old Bianca Devins (Bianca Devins) killed a man who met her on the Internet and posted photos of her body on social networks.

According to the new York police Department, 21-year-old Brandon Clark was killed 17-year-old star of the network Bianca Devins on Sunday and published pictures of her dead body on social media before the suicide attempt. The tragedy occurred in Utica.

Devins was known as the “e-girl” – she had her own gaming blog. Clark wrote her first 2 months ago and began to care. Then their relationship became personal, and even became acquainted with my parents. After the concert on Saturday evening between two lovers quarrel, and Clark killed the girl. When the police arrived after the 911 call, Clark was lying about his SUV, trying to slit my throat with a knife.

The guy survived, and he is charged with murder.

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