18 violations of burning farm waste in Dibba during the first half

18 violations of burning farm waste in Dibba during the first half

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18 violations of burning farm waste in Dibba during the first half

The Director of Dibba Al-Fujairah Municipality, Engineer Hassan Salem Al-Yamahi, revealed to “Emirates Today” that the municipality responded to environmental violations with 58 violations, including 18 violations related to burning farm waste in illegal ways, noting that the municipality took measures against a number of laborers working in the farms carrying out actions. Passive and illegal by burning waste inside farms

Al-Yamahi pointed out that 779 inspection tours were carried out on the environmental situation, including 139 tours on farms in various areas of the city, to reduce the negative manifestations of dumping farm waste in places not designated for them, and the campaign resulted in a number of violations represented in the failure of farm owners to comply with the decision to prevent Burning residues, waste, tree and weed remains inside their farms, and throwing agricultural waste in places other than those designated for it.

Al-Yamahi confirmed that a number of wastes were monitored outside the boundaries of the farms, in addition to the neglect of violators of environmental instructions, pointing out that what some farms are currently witnessing are negative and illegal behavior, and a cause for concern about the severity of the surrounding environmental damage they cause, as many expatriate laborers Burning agricultural residues and residues, which may result in fires, in addition to being a source of nuisance to residents near these farms, especially for people suffering from shortness of breath and other diseases, in addition to the emission of unpleasant odors that result from the burning process.

He noted that the municipality issued a circular prohibiting farm owners from burning agricultural waste inside farms, and not throwing waste randomly in order to preserve the general appearance of the city, and to preserve public health and a sustainable environment, and that the municipality seeks to instill environmental concepts to enhance environmental awareness and social responsibility among community members.

He added that in an effort to reduce the burden on farmers, the municipality allowed them to take farm waste to the waste sorting station without prior permission, where the service is provided free of charge, but some farm workers still violate the laws and burn the waste in farms or areas not designated for them.

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