18-wheel tractor-trailer lost control, injuring 2 people. A journalist captured the moment on camera

18-колесный тягач с прицепом потерял управление, ранив 2 человек. Журналист запечатлел этот момент на камеру18-wheel tractor-trailer lost control, injuring 2 people. A journalist captured the moment on camera Author: Alexander Bugaev In Texas overturned truck with a trailer. Photo: twitter.com/KCBD11 Texas accident news USA news Texas

In Texas, standing on a road car out of the fog with all speed rode in a huge truck that lost control. Scary moment by coincidence managed to shoot the team of channel KCBD.

Caleb Holder, photographer KCBD, just filmed a scene when an 18-Wheeler truck cut in front of a red SUV before it went into the other lane. As KCBD reports, the truck turned off the road and rolled over on his side, hooking a few vehicles and then slid into the ditch right in front of the photographer.

“I could not then remember whether there was a record at the moment and how the camera was installed. I just saw the trailer coming and knew that I needed to run away from him”, – said holder.

Several law enforcement officials also had to flee when the truck went off the road.

“We barely managed to hear as a creak on the asphalt the tires, and then flashed lights, barely discernible through the fog”, – said holder in an interview with KCBD.

It all started with two cars collided on Highway 84 in Lubbock County. The police was investigating the incident when a semitrailer traveling East, turned sharply, flew off the road and overturned. Subsequently, the truck crashed into several vehicles, because at that time the visibility was very low due to thick fog.

Truck reserve police of the state of Texas, and the other driver, sprygnuli in his car at the sight of the truck, trapped. Rescue team fire protection of Lubbock was able to get him only a few hours and with the use of special equipment.

As reported by KCBD, both victims were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Their lives are out of danger.

“I’ve never seen anything like it personally”, – said holder.

Just that day there were five accidents involving four semi-trailers and four vehicles of a smaller size, according to KCBD. The accident occurred due to dense fog that reduced visibility to a quarter mile. Drivers are advised to reduce speed to avoid injuries.

“Part of my job as a news photographer, to go to accident sites and to remove a variety of videos. Including a car accident”, – said holder. That day he was filming an accident on highway 84 and County road 3600.

“When you took off the truck I was looking for any angle. At this point I was concentrated”.

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