1st league: Slavia lost a win in Liberec in the set-up, Sparta caught up

1st league: Slavia lost a win in Liberec in the set-up, Sparta caught up

1st league: Slavia missed a win in Liberec in regulation, caught up ji Sparta

Match of the 24th round of the first football league: Slovan Liberec – Slavia Prague, March 18, 2023 in Liberec. Stanislav Tecl from Slavia and Marios Purzitidis from Liberec.

Prague – In the 24th round of the first league at the Liberec pitch, Slavia footballers lost a set win and drew 2:2. Coach Jindřich Trpišovský's men lead the table by only a score ahead of city rival Sparta. They won today over the weakened Hradec Králové 2:0. Olomouc defeated Mlada Boleslav 2:0 and moved to fourth place. České Budějovice beat Ostrava 2:1.

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1st league: Slavia přiš la for a win in Liberec in the set, Sparta caught up

1st league: Slavia lost a win in Liberec in regulation time, Sparta caught up

1st league: Slavia missed a win in Liberec in regulation, Sparta caught up

1st league: Slavia lost the Liberec in the setting, Sparta caught up with it

In the 25th minute, Liberec put former Slava player Lukáš Červ in the lead, but five minutes later Peter Olayinka responded and in the 65th minute substitute Mick van Buren, who was still active in Slovan in the fall, turned the situation around. However, Olayinka was sent off in the 88th minute and Victor Olatunji equalized from a power play in the fifth minute.

Slavia did not win away in the league for the third time in a row and did not follow up on the previous 2:1 home triumph over the champions Pilsen. Coach Trpišovský was unable to return to the north of Bohemia, from where he headed to Eden. Although Liberec have been waiting for a victory for six rounds, they robbed Slavia of points at home for the second time in a row. They are tenth in the incomplete table.

In the home asylum in Mladá Boleslav, Hradec already lost the expelled Jakub Kučera in the 20th minute. At the end of the opening act, Spartan Lukáš Haraslín opened the scoring. Tomáš Wiesner added the insurance for the summer favorite only in the 89th minute.

Sparta won the top competition for the seventh time in a row. Danish coach Brian Priske's men did not lose against Hradec Králové in the eleventh league game in a row, of which they scored fully for the tenth time. The “Invaders” lost their sixth league match in a row at home and remained seventh.

In Olomouc, Ondřej Karafiát scored an own goal in the third minute, Lukáš Vraštil added the second home goal shortly after the change of sides. Hanáci scored 10 points in a row in the highest competition, they were the only ones not to lose together with Sparta in the spring. Eighth-ranked Mladá Boleslav lost in the third of their last four matches away from home in the league.

České Budějovice took the lead in the 29th minute after an own goal by league debutant Zdeňek Říha. In the 45th minute, Jiří Fleišman equalized from a free kick, but the game was decided after an hour by Marcel Čermák with his first goal in the top competition. Dynamo repeated the autumn result from Ostrava, won at home for the third time in a row and improved to ninth place. Baník did not win in the league for the sixth time in a row and is thirteenth.

On Sunday, four more duels of the 24th round will take place. Master Plzeň will welcome Bohemians 1905, Slovácko will take on Zlín in Uherské Hradiště, the newcomers from Brno will challenge Jablonec at home and the last Pardubice will face Teplice on their field.

24. round of the first football league:

FC Hradec Králové – Sparta Prague 0:2 (0:1)

Goals: 45. Haraslín, 89. Wiesner. Referee: Černý – Nádvorník, Hájek – Machálek (video). ŽK: Klíma, Kodeš, Vašulín – Minčev, Laci. ČK: 20. Kučera (Hradec). Spectators: 5000 (sold out).

Sigma Olomouc – FK Mladá Boleslav 2:0 (1:0)

Goals: 3rd own Karafiát, 47 He growled. Referee: Orel – Ratajová, Žurovec – Starý (video). ŽK: Suchomel, Jawo (both M. Boleslav). Viewers: 2310.

Dynamo České Budějovice – Baník Ostrava 2:1 (1:1)

Goals: 29. own Říha, 61. Cermák – 45. Fleišman. Referee: Berka – Vlček, Šimáček – Adámková (video). ŽK: Plavšič (Ostrava). Spectators: 4392.

Slovan Liberec – Slavia Prague 2:2 (1:1)

Goals: 25. Cerv, 90.+5 Olatunji – 30. Olayinka, 65. Van Buren from pen. Referee: Zelinka – Paták, Antoníček – Petřík (video). ŽK: Doumbia, Preisler, Ndefe – Ogbu, Oscar, Zafeiris, Vlček (team leader). ČK: 64. Czech (goalkeeper coach) – 88. Olayinka. Viewers: 4758.


< td>Slavia

< td>54

< td>12

< td>24

< /tr>

< td>22

< /tr>

1. 24 17 3 4 67:20
2. Sparta 24 16 6 2 56:22 54
3. Pilsen 23 15 4 4 44:20 49
4. Olomouc 24 9 9< /td>

6 38:26 36
5. Bohemians 1905 23 10 5 8 39:38 35
6. Slovakia 22 10 5 7 26 :30 35
7. Hradec Králové 24 9 4 11 28:33 31
8 . Mladá Boleslav 24 8 6 10 35 :35 30
9. České Budějovice 24 8 4 24:41 28
10. Liberec 7 6 11 30:36 27
11. Brno 23 7 6 10 33:43 27
12. Jablonec nad Nisou 7 5 10 35:40 26
13. Ostrava 24 6 7 11 36:37 25
14. Teplice 23 5 6< /td>

12 28:54 21
15. Zlín< /td>

23 3 10 10 26:42 19< /td>
16. Pardubice 23 5 4 14 20:48 19

Table of shooters:

< p>16 – Řezníček (Brno),

12 – Čvančara (Sparta), Van Buren (Slavia),

11 – Chorý, Květ (both Pilsen),

10 – Chramosta (Jablonec), Olayinka, Tecl,

9 – Lingr (all Slavia), Chytil (Olomouc), Kuchta (Sparta),

8 – M. Ševčík (Brno) p>

6 – O. Kolář (Slavia),

5 – Reichl (Hradec Králové), Trefil (Olomouc), Šeda (Mladá Boleslav),

4 – Vliegen (Liberec), Laštůvka (Ostrava) .