2021 Multimedios Soccer Cup. Cecaf, first invited to the semifinals

2021 Multimedios Soccer Cup. Cecaf, first invited to the semifinals

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2021 Multimedios Soccer Cup. Cecaf, first invited to the semifinals

Torreón, Coahuila. / 06.09.2021 20:41:57

In a Screaming match that was defined on penalties, the Cecaf Panthers beat the British Lions by a score of 5 goals by 4 and in this way they are the first guests of the 2021 Multimedia Soccer Cup in actions developed this Monday afternoon on the grass of the Gómez Palacio Sports Unit stadium, better known as “El Establo”.

Cecaf won the match 3-1, but based on push and pride, the British tied the score 3-3 so everything had to be defined in penalties.

There there were failures on the part of the two teams, so they left until sudden death, where the final goal was scored by Cristian Ramos.

In party actions; These two teams were measured in the 2019 edition of the Cup, precisely in final instances, where the victory went to Cecaf, so the British Lions came with everything in search of revenge.

However, just starting the game, Cecaf pressed from the first minute, which worked, because very early in the game he found the goal after a corner kick, where number 56, Gael Cristerna, finished alone and taking advantage of his stature sneaked the ball into the nets to make it 1-0.

Santiago, the Leones forward, overflowed on the left, entered the rival area and shot with his left foot, the ball skimming the right post.

The British team responded minutes later through Alberto de Santiago, who stole a ball after a bad start by Cecaf; he cut towards the center and sent the filtered pass for Santiago García to arrive with the right hand that made it 1-1.

The goalkeeper Carlos Campos of the British Lions, took out a couple of balls that were already in the direction of goal, with extraordinary shots that saved his team from the dangerous forwards of Cecaf.

Starting the complementary part, after a “scrum” in the area of ​​the British Lions, Daniel Ceballos found the ball, fired and the ball ran into the long-haired goalkeeper, Carlos Campos, who unfortunately put the ball into his own goal and thus Cecaf went up 2-1.

In a bad start for the Lions team, Diego Gómez sent the center that was not cut by the Lions goalkeeper, Carlos Campos and Daniel Ceballos took the opportunity to shoot and score the third of the Cecaf that was already winning 3-1.

But the Lions did not give up, Santiago García dropped from the midfield to a pass from Nicole de León; He took off a couple of rivals and on the goalkeeper’s exit, Garcia scored the second of the British and thus the emotions increased and the score tightened 3-2.

Seeing the pride and drive of the British team, the Cecaf were desperate to go to the front in search of another goal that would give them peace of mind.

At minute 24 ‘when Cecaf played the best, the British tied the score 3-3; great play by the center of Santiago who took off a couple of rivals, and served filtered for Santos López, who crossed his shot in hand-to-hand against the rival goalkeeper.

After that, the two teams were physically handicapped, there were still goals, but no more damage was done, so it had to be defined in the penalty shootout, where they went until sudden death in which it was more accurate the Cecaf team, who won 5-4 in this instance and became the first guest to the semifinals.

Lecheros FC Laguna thrashes IMD of Torreón

The “Establo” court hosted the second quarter-final match, where two teams met, who arrived very motivated after successfully playing the regular season. The team of the Municipal Sports Institute of Torreón faced FC Laguna “Los Lecheros”, which was very forceful by taking the victory 5-1.

The first half was almost always played in the Torreonenses area, Lecheros pushed hard from the opening whistle. Luis César Alvarado scored the first of the game taking advantage of defensive facilities.

The 1-1 fell a minute later through Isaac Estrada to pass through the right wing of Jonathan Rodríguez. After the tie, the Lecheros took advantage of the defensive errors of the IMDT and Diego Alejandro made it 2-1, then, from “half a turn” Diego Alejandro put the ball at the angle after shooting from half a turn and put the score 3-1.

For the wedge to tighten, in the complementary part, bad output of the IMDT; the torreonenses lost the ball, it was left to number 59, Diego, who did not hesitate to shoot the goalkeeper to put the luminous 4-1.

After being down on the scoreboard, the IMDT made modifications seeking to put fresh legs on the field and try to come back.

Obed’s great drop down the left wing, who got into the kitchen and with his left leg threw his toe to beat the goalkeeper and with that goal the Lecheros team sentenced the game that was already winning 5-1.