20th round: Slavia drew in Teplice, Pilsen can take the lead on Sunday

20th round: Slavia drew in Teplice, Pilsen can take the lead on Sunday

20th round: Slavia drew in Teplice, Pilsen can go to the top on Sunday

Match of the 20th round of the first football league: FK Teplice – Slavia Prague, February 18, 2023, Teplice. Teplice celebrates Tadeáš Vachoušek's goal (left).

Prague – The players of Slavia unexpectedly drew 1:1 in the 20th round of the first league in Teplice and lead the incomplete table by two points ahead of Pilsen. Defending champion Viktoria will move to the front in the event of Sunday's triumph in Slovakia. Olomouc drew 2:2 in Liberec and also tied in the fourth match of the spring season. Thanks to two goals from the best scorer of the league season, Jakub Řezniček, the Brno rookie defeated Ostrava 2:1. Mladá Boleslav won over Hradec Králové 1:0.

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20th round: Slavia drew in Teplice, Pilsen can go first on Sunday

20th round: Slavia drew in Teplice, Pilsen can go first on Sunday

20th round: Slavia drew in Teplice, Pilsen can t on Sunday to the forehead

20th round: Slavia drew in Teplice, Pilsen can go to the top on Sunday

The home striker Tadeáš Vachoušek opened the match at Teplice Stínadly against Slavia with a goal in the third minute, substitute Stanislav Tecl equalized from a penalty kick in the 74th minute. On the other hand, his teammate Mick van Buren did not convert the penalty in the 60th minute.

Prague have not won after eight matches in the top flight, but they did not lose to Teplice in the 17th league match in a row. After Pilsen and Sparta (equally 2:2), the thirteenth North Bohemians drew at home with the third team from the top of the table and won the first point in the spring. Slavia, on the other hand, lost for the first time in the spring season. There is no longer a team in the league that has a 100% balance after the winter break.

Liberec sent Lubomír Tupta into the lead against Olomouc in the second minute, but Mojmír Chytil equalized from the penalty spot in the 20th minute, and former Slovan player Jan Navrátil turned the tables in the 55th minute. Lukáš Červ arranged the division of points in the 78th minute. The two rivals parted amicably in the opening match of the season.

Hanáci scored points in the top competition for the sixth time in a row and jumped to fifth place in the incomplete table. Olomouc scored points against Severočechy for the tenth time out of the last 11 mutual league duels, but at the end of November they lost 1:4 in the cup. Liberec did not even win the third home league game this year and continues to lose two points to the opponent from eighth place. Coach Luboš Kozl's men have won only one of the last five rounds.

Both goals for Brno in the duel with Ostrava were scored by Řezníček, the Zbrojovka striker became independent at the top of the Gunners' table thanks to 13 hits. Ten minutes before the end, 18-year-old substitute midfielder Matěj Šín scored the first goal in the league for the visitors.

Coach Richard Dostálek's team won after six rounds and defeated Slezany for the second time in the top league season. Ostrava lost the second round in a row and did not win 15 of the last 16 duels away from home in the league. Both teams have the same 24 points, Baník is tenth, Brno a rung behind.

The match between Mlada Boleslav and Hradec Králové in the Lokotrans Arena, where both teams play their home matches, was decided in the 48th minute by Vasil Kušej with a premiership goal in the top competition. In the spring, the Central Bohemians won for the first time and moved to ninth place, “Votroci” in the role of home team did not score for the fourth time in a row in the league and are seventh. At home in the top competition, they lost to Boleslav for the first time at the seventh attempt.

The remaining four matches of round 20 will be played on Sunday. From 3:00 p.m., in addition to Slovácko and Plzní, last Pardubice will face second-to-last Zlín in a rescue battle, České Budějovice will welcome Prague's Bohemians 1905, the worst home team of the league season. Sunday's program will end at 6:00 p.m. with Sparta Prague's battle with Jablonec.

Results of the 20th round of the first football league

Zbrojovka Brno – Baník Ostrava 2:1 (1:0)

Goals: 9th and 65th Řezníček – 80th Šín. Referee: Machálek – Horák, Mojžíš – Batík (video). ŽK: Endl, Berkovec, Šural – Pojezný, Plavšič, Juroška, ​​Fleišman. Viewers: 6814.

* * *

Slovan Liberec – Sigma Olomouc 2:2 (1:1)

Goals: 2. Tupta, 78. Cerv – 20. Caught from the penalty box, 55. Returned. Referee: Křepský – Dobrovolný, Vyhnanovský – Starý (video). ŽK: Vliegen – Breite, Vrástil, Zlatohlavek. Spectators: 1458.

* * *

FC Hradec Králové – FK Mladá Boleslav 0:1 (0:0)

Goal: 48. Kušej. Referee: Orel – Kotík, Bureš – Berka (video). ŽK: Kušej (M. Boleslav). Spectators: 1079.

* * *

FK Teplice – Slavia Prague 1:1 (1:0)

Goals: 3. Vachoušek – 74. Tecl z pen. Referee: Klíma – Nádvorník, Machač – Kocourek (video). ŽK: Dramé, Mareček – Schranz, Traoré, Olayinka. Spectators: 10,053.


< td>40:14

< td>11

< td>6

< td>Brno

< td>24

< td>5

< td>Teplice

< td>19

1. Slavia 19 15 1 3 60:15 46
2. Pilsen 19 14 3 2 45
3. Sparta 19 6 2 41:19 39
4. Slovakia 19 8 5 6 22:27 29
5. Olomouc 20 7 7< /td>

6 30:23 28
6. Bohemians 1905 19 8 4 7 33:35 28
7. Hradec Králové 20 8 3< /td>

9 23:25 27
8. Liberec< /td>

20 7 5 8 26:25 26
9. Mladá Boleslav 20 7 5 8 28:29 26
10. Ostrava 20 6 8 34:29 24
11. 20 7 3 10 30:40
12. Jablonec nad Nisou 19 5 9 27:35 20
13. 19 5 4 10 24:44
14. České Budějovice 19 5 3 11 18:35 18
15th Zlín 19 3 8 8 20:34 17
16. Pardubice 19 4 2 13 15:42 14