3 things that a woman can’t be happy

3 вещи, без которых женщина не может быть счастлива

Recommended reading men, do not understand why their woman is not happy.

Of course, we are by nature is happiness. But we all together have not reached at least one of the types of Samadhi, let’s see what the external attributes, you can clear the way to this true move in yourself.

Good communication

It is through communication can become relaxed and calm when she is able to Express his emotions without shame and without constraining them in full confidence that she was safe.

Exemption from Roy’s thoughts, complex feelings and emotions makes a woman relaxed and satisfied. The most direct and shortest route for her to such an extent to develop confidence to be able to open the partner especially when you make it difficult.

If her partner is wise enough to just listen to the woman and not to react, sending their emotions in response or trying to solve her problem, the woman is easy to feel relaxed and release.

In the case when this happens, a woman looking for a circle, where they openly Express the most basic emotions — women’s circles, yoga clubs and various trainings. Also here effectively can help psychologists and psychotherapists.


A woman needs to feel that she realized that her creative nature is in demand and can occur without restriction.

The modern woman, which opened to the knowledge of yoga and ability to act in society, not just to be a hostess, even if she read everything in the “family of the Veda” and listened to all the lectures about “the right woman”.

A modern woman like desjatinogih the goddess: her energy and creativity is enough for all if she is able to give himself the freedom to include self-discipline when needed.

The problem starts when the woman voluntarily binds some of his divine arms, and they begin to interfere with her move.

Creative expression needs a woman like sunlight. And if she’s limiting herself to only a family or a lot of spends time at a job that brings her joy, the sunlight begins to fade.

The woman often feels the dissatisfaction, but did not really understand what it refers to. A way out of this situation — to start to do something that really pleases. To take something and promise yourself not to miss a day without it.

Or come up with a goal, a creative project, let small, but not necessarily one that would be able to evaluate at least 3 other people.


The basic need of women is a sense of security. This is what she expects from men: that he will bring into her life the stability and confidence in the future.

The paradox is that no man will be able to give it to her until she will not find internal support — the feeling of security in an infinitely changing world.

It helps communication with nature. It is good if nearby there is a Park or forest, but even better, if you have the time and opportunity to lie on his stomach on the ground or even sit for a few hours on the tree. When it rains, don’t hide under an umbrella, hunched forward and take the elements with his shoulders back.

Trust is the quality of the Earth element, the first chakra. So also are all good practice for the Muladhara and constant practice of asanas, in which you need to stand on one or two legs. (For example, Virabhadrasana or Vrikshasana).

To be relaxed, but at the same time, focused and creative is the main challenge and the blessing of women. When she is in that condition, its mere presence becomes healing. She don’t even have to do something — it just happens.

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