59-year-old Jean-Claude van Damme has revealed the secret of youth and a healthy body

Despite 59 years of age, the Hollywood actor Jean-Claude van Damme and now has a superb form. Recently, the actor revealed the secret of maintaining youth and a healthy body.

59-летний Жан-Клод Ван Дамм раскрыл секрет молодости и здорового тела

The famous actor Jean-Claude van Damme, known for the classic fighters of the 90s, even in adulthood, has an unblemished stretching and strong muscles. New interview with the star revealed a few secrets that help to keep the mind and body in shape. The celebrity admitted that this figure is achieved thanks to the intense training of 4 to 5 times a week, which he complements socializing with friends, travelling and avoiding alcohol.

According to van Damme, everyone who wants to acquire a trim figure it is necessary to “start small”, and subsequently, the organism “wants more.” As an example, he cites people suffering from injury or overweight, which first engaged in a half-hour training sessions two times a week, and then join to bodybuilding. Among other things, Jean-Claude van Damme has expressed a desire to star in yet another “final and epic, great movie about martial arts.”

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