77-year-old Spaniard was fined for catching pokemon in the city during the quarantine

77-летнего испанца оштрафовали за ловлю покемонов в городе при карантине

The police discharged a monetary penalty for violation of quarantine 77-year-old resident of Madrid, who played Pokémon and Go out on the street for catching pokemon.

It is reported by Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

According to newspaper receipts, the police patrol stopped the intruder 22 March at 13:15 in the Metropolitan area of latina.

The amount imposed on him a fine press is not given, however: in Spain, the violation of the law on the security of citizens, which falls under the violation of the quarantine, punishable by a fine from 601 to 30,000 euros, the newspaper La Vanguardia.

A week ago the Spanish authorities declared a state of emergency in connection with the pandemic coronavirus: the inhabitants forbidden to leave home – except to work or for the same goods and medicines.

Since the introduction of the quarantine was detained about thirty people and was discharged 4580 penalties for noncompliance with the regime.

Spain ranks fourth in the world in the number infected with the coronavirus: according to the latest data, Spain virus COVID-19 infected more than 33.000 people died 2181.

On the background of the coronavirus pandemic, the creators of Pokémon Go has released an update for the game: now it can be configured to catch pokemon, without leaving home.

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