8 factors that destroy male power

For men impotence may hide various disorders and malfunctions of the body. Experts told about what factors make the stronger sex is weak in the most inopportune moment.

8 факторов, уничтожающих мужскую силу

Obesity. According to statistics from impotence suffer two out of every ten men. In our days men’s power often destroys obesity. It violates the hormonal balance, reducing the production of testosterone – the main hormone that ensures erectile function, and increasing the concentration of a female in a male body.

Diabetes. Closely linked with the previous factor. Diabetes develops as a consequence of excessive excess weight. As you progress, the disease destroys the healthy mechanisms of transmission of impulses along nerve fibers. As a result, suffers reflex arc responsible for good potency.

Age-related testosterone deficiency. Male power depends on a stable level of testosterone. For 40 years to keep it becomes more difficult, even for healthy men. Factors contributing to the deficit are as mentioned above obesity and diabetes, and violations, coupled with age, stress, high blood pressure cure, heart disease.

The abuse of alcohol. Damage to organs caused by alcoholism, is another factor that destroys virility.

High levels of cholesterol. This factor is associated with increased blood pressure in the long term, and vascular calcification. The heart loses the ability to adequately supply blood to organs, including the genitals – so you have problems with potency.

Smoking. Narrows and damages blood vessels in the long term. This slows blood flow, makes it difficult to get or hold an erection.

The lack of movement. The lack of adequate physical exercise weakens circulation, and destroys healthy testosterone production.

Neurological disorders. To destroy male power and cause impotence can of the disease the spinal cord and brain. Sometimes erectile dysfunction is the first symptom of a brain tumor, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease.

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