9 elements, the lack of which beats the mind

Mood swings, sad for no reason are sometimes hidden symptoms of mental disorder. Various violations and deviations in varying degrees occur every tenth person living next to us. Their appearance is affected by genetic predisposition, overwork, environmental factors and poor diet.

9 элементов, нехватка которых бъет по психике

Among common mental pathologies plaguing modern man, depression, borderline or bipolar disorder, increased anxiety. The trigger is not always innate characteristic or a psychological trauma: the shortage of certain vitamins and minerals nervous system and the brain can not cope with the load, giving a failure in the form of mood swings.

How nutrition affects the nervous system

Formation and transmission of impulses responsible neurons. For their formation the body requires minerals and nutrients that the person receives with food. The shortage decreases the speed of the signal and sensitivity, there is irritability and drowsiness.

For the functioning of the brain required glucose and oxygen. But to ensure mental activity, maintain memory, and self-discipline it requires many vitamins, amino acids and organic compounds. Therefore a proper diet is one of the ways of treatment of mental disorders along with drugs.

Fatty acids omega-3

Brain daily essential acid omega-3. It provides processes in blood vessels, improves blood and immune system, and protects the nerve endings from the negative effects of toxins. It prevents inflammation of the brain, which causes pressure, nervousness, short temper.


Is part of many medications and vitamin complexes for treatment of depression. When the diagnosis of neurosis and borderline disorders in patients a decrease this trace element in 14-20% of normal. Contained in hard cheese, seaweed, poultry and seafood. Reserves of zinc can be replenished by adding sprouted wheat, drinking a delicious Cup of cocoa for Breakfast.

Vitamin B12

The lack of nutrients weakens the nervous system, reduces the efficiency of the brain, causing an aggravation of mental diseases. Scientists have proved the correlation of low levels of vitamin B12 and depressive States in humans. It is contained in fish and animal products, liver, mushrooms.

Vitamin D

The substance is frequently associated with bone formation. In fact, vitamin D affects mood, causes seasonal depression and drowsiness. To develop a trace element the body needs sunlight. In small quantities it can be obtained from oily sea fish, egg yolk, butter.


Derivatives of folic acid support the nervous system. Their lack threatens seasonal depression, the symptoms of clinical depression, To prevent irritability and improve vitality, eat more beans and legumes, asparagus, oranges and peanuts.


Valuable trace mineral involved in many processes, supports the thyroid gland. While reducing its level in the body decreases production of thyroid hormones, which directly influence mood. Iodine deficiency leads to deterioration of brain function, children worse remember school material. When hormonal failure the person becomes whiny, lethargic, complains of mood swings.


By lowering blood valuable trace element disrupted the thyroid gland, changing the level of certain hormones. The body accumulates toxins and free radicals, depression and muscle weakness. With a lack of selenium lean on seafood, beef, chicken, dairy products.


When splitting in the intestine proteins provide the body with valuable amino acids, which support brain function. Under strict diet the person can worsen a severe mental illness. Therefore, the tendency to neurosis and bipolar disorder doctors recommend daily menus include meat and dairy products, cheese, eggs, mushrooms.


Indian specialists in the field of psychiatry has proved that the lack of iron in the diet is the cause of the development of the syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity in young children. The low percentage of trace element causes anemia and oxygen starvation of the brain affects thinking and other processes. Substance found in meat and offal, beets, buckwheat and pomegranate juice.

These vitamins and minerals should be contained in the diet of any person. With the propensity for depression and mental illness eat right, follow the content of nutrients in the blood with the help of analyses. It will help without any problems and aggravations to survive the seasonal Blues and stress at work.

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