90 year old American, who recently suffered a stroke, overcame coronavirus

90 летняя американка, которая недавно пережила инсульт, поборола коронавирус

90-year-old resident of the United States was able to recover after infection Covid-2019. Despite the fact that this year she suffered a stroke.

Relatives of 90-year-old Geneva wood share with journalists a wonderful story of the healing of a woman from coronavirus infections, reports .

In January of this year the pensioner suffered a stroke, because of this she temporarily could not walk, talk and use his right hand.

For the period of rehabilitation of wood was placed in a nursing home, so the doctors gave her the necessary care. By unhappy coincidence this place has become the epicentre of the outbreak Covid-2019 in Washington, and more than 30 elderly people died.














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5 Mar coronavirus diagnosed and Geneva. The doctors told the relatives that the chances of survival for the woman small due to a stroke and old age. However, wood did not even think to die suddenly, his condition began to improve.

As of March 22, the play has pleased the woman, going to her room without masks. They reported that test Covid-2019 gave a negative result. Geneva was discharged, but she needs to be quarantined.

Daughter of the pensioner considers the incident a miracle, and a real beacon of hope for the elderly.

90 летняя американка, которая недавно пережила инсульт, поборола коронавирус

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