A bolt from the blue, I thought it was no longer possible, Koubek said after returning

A bolt from the blue, I thought it was no longer possible, Koubek said after returning

Lightning out of the blue, I thought it was impossible,

Illustrative photo – Ceremonial handing over of football awards to dr. Václav Jíra, 6 September 2022, Prague. Award-winning trainer Miroslav Koubek.

Plzeň – Football coach Miroslav Koubek admitted that after the expiration of his contract in Hradec Králové, he did not expect Viktoria Plzeň to show interest in him once again. The return to the west of Bohemia after eight years was described as a bolt from the blue and a pleasant, albeit binding, surprise. The 71-year-old oldest coach in the league wants to revive the team after the unsuccessful spring part of the last season, but at the same time he praised the work of his predecessor Michal Bílek.

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“It's unexpected. I didn't expect it at all, it came to me like a bolt from the blue. I already thought that something like this was impossible. However, the owner of the club Mr. (Adolf) Šádek and other people around evaluated it so that this option it fell on me. Surprises are pleasant, but they are all the more binding,” he said in an interview for Viktorie Koubek's YouTube channel. about some kind of appreciation for my work and I'm glad we agreed. I have a great appetite for work,” added Koubek, who at the end of last season ended up on the Hradec bench prematurely after a more difficult course of the coronavirus.

With Viktoria in the 2014/15 season, he won his only league title so far in the role of head coach. “The memories couldn't be better, they remained deep in my heart. When you win the Czech league together, it's impossible to forget. I even have this moment immortalized in the form of a tattoo, which everyone knows well,” Koubek pointed out.

He has help to start Victoria after an unsuccessful spring part of the season, in which the team did not keep the lead in the league and fell to the final third place. He will take over the team on June 19 at the start of training.

“Summer is hectic, it's short. It is necessary to energize the team after a not very successful spring season. But I want to appreciate Michal Bílek's previous work, which was excellent. There is no need to elaborate further,” said Koubek to the coach who unexpectedly led the Pilsen team to the league last year title and into the Champions League group.

“The spring didn't work out, it's going to happen, it's football. It's necessary to put the team in a positive motivational state again. We have five weeks to do it. There will be a certain classic at the beginning, such a volume, we have to train. Then we will try to adjust it as best as possible for the start of the league and the qualification of the European Conference League,” added Koubek.

Marek Bakoš, Matúš Kozáčik and Zdeněk Bečka remain in Viktoria's implementation team, the new assistant will be the former league defender Jan Trousil, who last coached the second division Vyškov.

“I am looking forward to working with them, I also feel a lot of energy from them for work. At the same time, I am also looking forward to the Victorian fans, of whom I have only the best memories. Our goal is to create as many reasons for Viktorka's fans as possible to be happy,” added Koubek.