A clandestine party of 10,000 people and five days is the biggest scandal of the summer in Italy

A clandestine party of 10,000 people and five days is the biggest scandal of the summer in Italy

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A clandestine party of 10,000 people and five days is the biggest scandal of the summer in Italy

Nothing like it was ever seen and it is the great scandal of this summer. A planned operation, like those “Blitz” what the Germans did in World War II, landed on Friday in large trucks in front of the beautiful Lake Mezzano, in some agricultural fields. The troops were thousands of young people summoned by social networks in Italy and half Europe for an electronic music party; a “dance of the zombies” with drugs and alcohol. Just this Thursday, the police managed to get them to leave.

Lake Mezzano is in the area of ​​two major cities, Viterbo and Grossetto, in the Lazio region and about 100-120 kilometers from Rome, and its metropolitan area of five million people.

The “blitz” of the organizers of the “zombie party” went deep. What is unusual is that has not been detected. Suddenly, thousands of cars, campers and all kinds of rolling vehicles arrived at a splendid tourist area, loaded with young Italians, French, Poles, English, French, Croats, Spanish and other European nationalities.

Italy has been experiencing a devastating pandemic for 18 months that has caused more than 128 thousand deaths. And the plague continues. What causes more concern is not what happened but what can happen if the rave meeting of ten thousand young people becomes a contagious focus that spreads the Delta variant of the virus throughout Italy and half of Europe, very contagious and lethal.

30 hectares, chemical toilets and showers

The inhabitants of the area saw them arrive and unfold in an area of ​​30 hectares, where they planted tents and places to sleep. The organizers had also planned chemical toilets and showers.

On Friday 23 the party began. Some films showed a juvenile that was not too crowded because there was plenty of space. They sang and moved on their own, precisely like zombies, walking dead, accompanying the deafening music, which it was heard “even in the Vatican”According to a furious tourist condemned to sleep little and nothing.

The inhabitants of the area saw them arrive and deploy in an area of ​​30 hectares.

Sunday 15 was Ferragosto, the day of the August festivals of the Roman Empire that celebrated the end of the annual harvests and started the agricultural celebrations a couple of thousand years ago.

One dead and cases of ethyl coma

This Ferragosto, the organizers of the party, whose identities are unknown, brought everything to a climax, while the largest concentration of people arrived at the rave. That day, he died at Lake Mezzano a young man found seven meters deep in the waters by firefighters divers. They don’t know what happened to him.

Also that day there were the three cases of ethyl coma among the “zombies”. And according to some testimonies such as that of Zelma, a young Italian student, “everything happened, with so much alcohol and so much drugs ”. One of the intoxicated tested positive for coronavirus.

Now it is tracing who came and lived with, who other people found, to detect coronavirus infections. The mayor of Valentano Stefano Bigiotti, where the lake is located, almost shouted denouncedor “a situation of extreme gravity, for a totally illegal, arbitrary, illegitimate initiative ”.



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Source: Johns Hopkins
Chart: Flourish | Infographic: Clarion

“Our greatest concern must be the dangers of contagion from Covid: we have a pandemic that severely punishes Europe and in particular Italy, where so many people have come from without anyone having controlled”.