A constant fight to save Normétal | Wildfires 2023

A constant fight to save Normétal | Wildfires 2023

A constant struggle to save Normétal | Forest fires 2023

Tanker planes took turns tirelessly in Abitibi-Ouest on Wednesday to prevent the forest fire from reaching the village of Normetal.

The fight was fierce, Wednesday at the end of the day and in the evening, to prevent the forest fire raging in Abitibi-Ouest from reaching the village of Normetal.

Mélanie Morin, spokesperson for SOPFEU (Society for the Protection of Forests Against Fire), indicated that the fire was no more than 500 meters from the municipality, on the eastern flank.

Our ground crews had to withdraw from the front for their safety, but fire breaks have been made and the work continues from the air with tankers and helicopters. The next few hours will be critical, she mentioned on the show It's worth the return.

With such an aggressive fire, it's going to take rain to help us. It would then give us a greater firepower, added Ms. Morin, noting that the forest fires have become more active in this area in recent days due to the strong winds.

As a gift from heaven, a little rain fell on Abitibi-Ouest on Wednesday evening, which was totally unforeseen.

Always Wednesday evening, the Municipality de Normetal reported that the tanker planes continued to spray permanently, that no material loss was recorded and that three brigades were going to spray all night, behind 9th Avenue, to prevent the fire from reaching the village. .

About fifty firefighters from all over Abitibi-Ouest are taking part in this operation to save Normétal.

All the efforts invested in the aerial operation carried out with six planes, including two or three from the United States, appeared to have worked at the time of this writing, while the infrastructure had not been affected by the fire.< /p>