A contest to show Who is against blondes? it was a test for Yegor Krutogolov

Showman survived after all the tests the girls participating in the show “Who against blondes?” on the New channel.

Какой конкурс в шоу Кто против блондинок? стал испытанием для Егора Крутоголова

What is the competition in the show “Who against blondes” was a test for Egor Krutogolov

This week to compete for the championship against the blond came to the Studio show actor and showman Egor Krutogolov. The man had to undergo difficult trials Lesi, to compete in battles and to try exotic dishes such as calf’s brains. After that, to stay alive – even one challenge!

Behind the scenes Egor admitted that he does not like drastic experiments with food. Therefore, the competition has become for him not a culinary discovery of the world’s delicacies, and a real challenge.

So, on the face of Yegor clear that some dishes seemed to him simply disgusting. So much so that he even refused to taste them.

Bull – penis – are you serious? – protested the showman. – I’m not a cannibal, – said Yegor, so it’s in your mouth will not take.

The following competitions for Egor was even more difficult. Just imagine, he had to put on starched t-shirts six. And the fabric is firmly stuck together. As the saying goes, “teeth do not pull out”.

Какой конкурс в шоу Кто против блондинок? стал испытанием для Егора Крутоголова

Turn on a New channel every Tuesday at 19:00, not to miss the most interesting moments of the show “Who against blondes?”

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