A curiosity: in Zaporozhye want to create a monument to Internet meme

Курьёз: в Запорожье хотят создать памятник интернет-мему

Monument “it is not clear who” for “it is not clear what” one of the Cossacks proposes to install in the center of Zaporozhye.

Well-known Internet meme “Idun” became popular a few years ago, symbolizing a long and naive to be waiting for something.

Initially, the sculpture represents a legless creature with gray head of the Northern sea elephant, the body of the giant larvae and hands of man, which is sitting on a chair in the waiting room. The creation of these things belongs to the Dutch artist Margriet van Brevoort. Now “Idun” is located in the Netherlands.

In Zaporizhia, according to the author of the petition Vitaly, “Idon” will symbolize the Ukrainians who aspire to a better life, but that “authority over.”

Курьёз: в Запорожье хотят создать памятник интернет-мему

While the Cossacks are reluctant to sign this petition, because the Internet culture is not so ingrained in the minds of many locals. However, the full text of an electronic document accessible package. There you can also sign the petition.

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