A first public market is held in Rémigny

A first public market is held in Rémigny

A first market ; public is held in Rémigny

The entrance to the municipality of Rémigny

The municipality of Rémigny in Témiscamingue is launching its first public market this Saturday at noon at the Recreation Center.

For the first day of the season, the population will be able to discover the products of six exhibitors.

The event takes place at the same time as the village festival.

This market will be held once a month until October, explains the president of the factory.

Jocelyne Laforge hopes to attract visitors. pay attention to its locality. It's to try to revitalize our village, she said. We have a lot of visitors who pass through Rémigny in the summer and then we thought that we could perhaps attract a little more with a market.

It is certain that we must convince the world that it could work. Of course there is no guarantee anywhere, but I believe that if we have a good opportunity to leave it, we must take all the advantages. And since we have the Rémigny party running at the same time, we are sure that there will be at least people in Rémigny that day, specifies the one behind the project.

< p class="e-p">She adds that at the end of this season, the organizers will decide if this market will be held next year.