A half-minute commercial at the Super Bowl cost a record seven million USD

A half-minute commercial at the Super Bowl cost a record seven million USD

A half-minute commercial at the Super Bowl cost a record seven million USD

Kansas City Chiefs – Philadelphia Eagles NFL Finals, February 12, 2023.

Glendale (USA) – Price of a half-minute spot for this year's NFL Finals The Super Bowl reached a record seven million dollars (more than CZK 155 million), US media reports. Fox TV said it took in a record roughly $600 million in advertising revenue for the event. The final was held on Sunday.

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There were no companies from the cryptocurrency industry among the advertising companies this year. The sponsorship of the performance was then taken over by Apple at halftime after Pepsi.

Large advertisers were, among others, alcohol brands, such as the world's largest brewery Anheuser-Busch, as well as Heineken and the French cognac producer Rémy Martin. There were advertisements for packaged foods such as Doritos or M&M's. Film studios, streaming services, car manufacturers and technology companies were also represented.

However, compared to last year, this year's Super Bowl lacked companies from the cryptocurrency and digital asset industry. Last year, four companies from the industry bought millions of dollars worth of advertising for the NFL finals. However, after the collapse of the American cryptocurrency exchange FTX last November and the subsequent indictment of its founder for crimes, including fraud on investors, advertising contracts with companies from this segment fell through.

The star quarterback was also connected to FTX Tom Brady. He and his ex-wife, Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen, invested over 84 million dollars in the company. At the beginning of the month, the 45-year-old quarterback announced his retirement from sports after his 23rd season and winning seven titles. Brady also endorsed FTX in an ad last year alongside other celebrities such as baseball player David Ortiz and actor-producer Larry David.

As for the halftime show, it was the first time in a decade that it was not sponsored by beverage giant Pepsi. The baton was taken over by the technology company Apple, which signed a five-year contract with the NFL. This year, pop and R&B superstar Rihanna performed in front of the audience during the break. The representatives of this Barbadian-American singer announced after the performance that she is pregnant again.