A heroic stance.. A video of a Moroccan saving an elderly woman from drowning in Belgium

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A heroic stance.. A video of a Moroccan saving an elderly woman from drowning in Belgium

The pioneers of social networking sites widely circulated a video showing the moment a Moroccan young man intervened to save a Belgian woman, who was stuck for long hours in the water that flooded her house.

With the help of his brother and members of his family, Ezz El-Din Khrushush managed to save the woman from certain death, and to get her out of the ground floor of a building in the city of Verviers, in eastern Belgium, after it was submerged by floods.

In a mission that seemed impossible, Khrushush demolished one of the walls of the woman’s house stuck in the water, while another young man climbed the front of the building and entered her apartment, so that they could take her out and hand her over to the rescue teams, who took care of her first aid.

heroic intervention

“The water was cold and I had an old injury to my wrist. I was in great pain when the wall was smashed, but I resisted it. The goal was to reach the woman and then take her to safety,” says the young Moroccan, whose fame far exceeded the borders of his city of Ververs.

In a statement to the Belgian “RTBF” channel, Khrushush recalled the first moments of his direct contact with the woman, through the hole he made on the wall, saying: “I was trying to calm her down while she was happy, as if the sun had risen on her again.”

As for Ayoub, Ezz’s brother, who also helped in the rescue operation, he says that the woman showed signs of exhaustion and fatigue, adding: “We intervened at the right time, and we do not know what things would have happened if we had not intervened to get her out of the house.”

wide acclaim

Thousands of social media pioneers interacted with the video that documented the rescue operation, and it was widely shared and garnered a lot of admiration.

The observers praised the heroic work done by the Moroccan young man, accompanied by members of his family, to save the life of the elderly woman who was besieged by the water.

The death toll from the “floods of death” that swept Germany and Belgium has risen to 183 dead, while more victims are expected to be counted in areas where rescue teams are continuing their search for missing persons.

The power is still cut off, and phones are out of service, in a number of areas swept by torrential floods.

Germany is considered the most affected country in Europe by the unprecedented floods in decades, as it alone recorded 156 deaths, and record levels of rain destroyed a number of roads and public transport networks and caused great losses to infrastructure.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged, during an inspection visit to the flooded areas in the west of the country, on Sunday, to provide urgent support and assistance to those affected, stressing the need to speed up the fight against climate change.

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