A neurologist warned of the dangerous habits to cover yourself from head during sleep

Egyptian neurologist Asmaa al-Samawi warned against dangerous habits to cover yourself from head during sleep. Relevant information the specialist has shared on his page in Facebook.

Невролог предостерегла от опасной привычки накрываться с головой во время сна

According to the neurologist, many people do not realize what can cause a seemingly harmless habit that is often linked with the desire to keep warm during uncomfortable temperature in the bedroom. The danger is that because of this action, there is an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide and lack of oxygen in the space available for breathing.

In turn, psychologists say that a habit to sleep with the head during sleep indicates the human desire to hide from problems. Prone to this action men and women often shy and unassuming, they are struggling to avoid conflict situations. For them it is a kind of waiting, when the storm passes. Often there is a connection with lack of attention from the opposite sex.

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