A pause for activists and politicians in Tripoli..and these are their demands

A pause for activists and politicians in Tripoli..and these are their demands

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A pause for activists and politicians in Tripoli..and these are their demands

Hundreds responded to the calls to demonstrate in front of the commission, and most of them expressed their dismay at the desperate attempts of some to thwart the road map, and put obstacles and obstacles in the way of the Libyan political dialogue forum.

The vigil lasted more than two hours, as the participants raised banners that read: “No to the postponement of the elections,” “Yes to the Electoral Commission,” “Direct elections are the right of the Libyan people to self-determination,” and “No to the extension.”

“We will not accept the postponement of the elections.”

The participants stressed that “the Libyan people will not accept the postponement of the elections,” calling on the international community to intervene as soon as possible to refute any attempts that would disrupt the Libyan political track.

“The Libyan people have become certain that if the upcoming elections fail, the country will be in a real predicament more severe than the predicament of 2014,” citizen Jamil Al-Zaghab, one of the participants in the sit-in, told Sky News Arabia.

Al-Zaghab added that “this stand was organized to put pressure on everyone to approve the constitutional rule for organizing the Libyan elections on schedule, in order to avoid entering into a long transitional period.”

As for Suleiman Al-Azabi, he told “Sky News Arabia”, “There is a dangerous indication that warns us of the failure to hold the Libyan elections, and it is the last hope for the Libyans to prevent entering into a new crisis that may reach an armed conflict.”

Al-Azabi explained that “opening the registration for citizens in the electoral lists is a good thing, but it lacks the adoption of a constitutional rule that gives it legitimacy,” noting that the campaigns of obstruction come from political factions that fear giving freedom to the people.

Registration begins for the elections

Despite the ambiguity of the situation regarding the elections, and in a first official step, the High Electoral Commission announced the registration of 1,695 citizens in the voter system, stressing that it is currently continuing to receive citizens’ requests for registration.

The Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator, Georgette Gagnon, stated that the start of voter registration in the system and the updating of the voter register “are the first concrete steps towards holding the elections.”

She pointed out that there is an urgent need to approve a constitutional basis and an applicable legal framework, to allow for further preparations to hold the elections on time, to require all Libyans who are eligible to vote to participate in the registration and seize the opportunity to preserve their right to vote, and to choose their representative in a democratic way in the December elections.

Brotherhood is the biggest threat

The head of the National Security Committee in the former General National Congress, Abdel Moneim Al-Yasir, said in a press statement that the Brotherhood is the biggest threat to the electoral process, recalling the “coup against the will of the people in the Libya Dawn war in 2014.”

Al-Yasir added that the Brotherhood “used the money of the Libyan people and forced the weak-hearted to join them, and this is what they are doing now,” noting that the absence of a true, coherent and conscious national current far from opportunism in the Libyan arena is the big problem.

He explained, “If there is a unified national movement, it will confront this Brotherhood militia organization, insisting that Libya remain in a state of chaos in order for them to continue controlling it and its capabilities and harnessing it for what they want.”

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