A police officer who made a mistake with a weapon in a kindergarten is likely to face disciplinary action

A police officer who made a mistake with a weapon in a kindergarten is likely to face disciplinary action

The policeman who made a mistake with the weapon in the š wheel, apparently faces punishment ; punishment

Firearm – pistol – illustration photo.

Přerov – A policeman who accidentally fired his service weapon after a conversation in a kindergarten in Přerov is likely to face disciplinary action. In connection with this incident, regional police director Tomáš Landsfeld ordered retraining of police officers in the handling of weapons, so that similar cases do not recur. Regional police spokeswoman Jitka Dolejšová told ČTK. Today, the police clarified that the gun was not fired near the children, but in a separate area of ​​the room. The incident, in which no one was injured, remains under investigation by the Internal Audit Department.

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It happened on Thursday morning at Dvořák's kindergarten. “From the initial investigation of the internal control department, it appears that the policeman handled the weapon at the end of the meeting and the accidental shot did not take place in the immediate vicinity of the children, but in a separate area of ​​the room. No one was injured or in danger. Investigation by employees of the internal control department of the Regional Directorate of the Police of the Olomouc Region it has not yet been completed, therefore it is premature to comment on the punishment of the police officer, but it will most likely be a disciplinary offence,” said the police spokeswoman.

The leadership of the regional police already said on Thursday that they will take measures in response to this event. “Although service training and handling of a weapon is one of the most practiced activities, the regional director has ordered repeated rigorous training on this issue and also that the service training instructors, as part of regular training, should increasingly focus on the safe handling of service weapons,” added the spokeswoman .

According to ČTK, 12 preschoolers took part in the talks, where children get to know the work of a police officer and thus build trust in him. The incident caused a great discussion on the social network among parents in Přerov, many of them were surprised that the policemen come to these meetings with their service weapons. However, according to the police, it is appropriate. “The service weapon is part of the police uniform, and in the event that a police officer goes to the kindergarten for an interview from the direct performance of duty, it is completely justifiable that he has it with him,” added spokeswoman Dolejšová.

According to her The police organizes hundreds of similar discussions in the Olomouc region every year, in this case, according to the leadership of the regional police, it was an isolated incident, which is not a systemic failure, but the misconduct of a specific police officer.