A resident of Michigan found 43 thousand dollars in the couch, bought for 35

Житель Мичигана нашел 43 тысячи долларов в диване, купленном за 35

An American from Michigan found $ 43,000 in the couch, which he bought for $ 35. Howard Kirby (Kirby Howard) decided to return the money to the original owners of the sofa.

The man found a surprise gem in the couch, which he bought in a thrift store Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Inside was a stack of dollars. The American returned to the store in search of the first owners of the furniture to give them found money.

“He could keep them, they need him. But he said he just felt that God tells him to return it and not take myself, ” said store Manager Rick Moorling. He called the family who sold the sofa, and proposed a meeting with Kirby on Thursday. He believes that his discovery of them much surprise – the sofa belonged to the grandfather of the woman who sold the sofa to the store. Most likely, she didn’t know what he was hiding money in the couch.

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