A salute to America on July 4, from trump at a cost of 5 million dollars

Салют Америке на 4 июля от Трампа обошелся в 5 миллионов долларов

According to ABC News, the celebration “salute to America” on the occasion of independence Day, organized on the idea of the President of the United States Donald trump (Donald Trump), cost the Washington, D.C., and the Federal government in the amount of more than $ 5 million.

According to ABC News, citing a letter from the Ministry of internal Affairs, this figure included of 2.45 million spent by the Ministry of interior and the national Park Service on Barger, medical services, personnel and material-technical base. Another 1.7 million dollars were spent by DC, 1.2 million – Ministry of defense at an air show and military parade.

Raul Grijalva, Chairman of the Committee on natural resources house of Senate, called the charges “extremely irrational”. The same cost anniversary celebration in 2013, but this was not comparable to historical values.

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