A silent enemy is here to stay

A silent enemy is here to stay

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A silent enemy is here to stay

Several analysts and social scientists have been sounding the alarm for many years, since the advent of television, regarding the effects that can be negative on the mental structure of the recipients and their habits.

But that voice of alarm is increasing in tone and emphasis, since the irruption of the new communication and entertainment systems concluding, after studies and scientific measurements, that young people are lowering the level of IQ, that is, the IQ, compared to the previous generation.

A few weeks ago the book “The digital cretin factory” by Michel Desmurget appeared in France, and new editions multiplied due to the enormous demand from its readers. The author is director of the French National Institute of Health, having studied at both MIT and UCLA.

The conclusion of his research is devastating: “As the use of TV, video games and other digital entertainment increases, the IQ decreases.”

In other words, homes around the world are beset by an unnoticeable enemy of the intellectual development of youth … with the delusion that “being very skilled at handling gadgets means they are smarter.” Fake.

Research tells us that prolonged exposure to digital devices has consequences on the brains, by decreasing the quality and quantity of intra-family interactions that are essential for language and emotional development, reducing the time spent on other enriching activities.

To pay, the writer Marco Paz affirms that we are increasingly more dependent on devices, and that it is aggravated by contamination by difficult-to-handle technological waste (e-waste): in 2019, 53.4 million tons were produced. Appliance manufacturers deliberately push away the possibility of repair, equal to higher consumption and garbage.

Paz affirms that young addicts, before the age of 18, would have spent the equivalent of 30 school years in front of TV screens, computers, tablets, cell phones, and series movies. _