A state of emergency is declared in Saint-Lambert, in Abitibi

A state of emergency is declared in Saint-Lambert, in Abitibi

L&rsquo ;state of emergency is declared in Saint-Lambert, Abitibi

The municipality of Saint-Lambert, in Abitibi-Ouest, is located a few kilometers from Normétal.

Residents of the municipality of Saint-Lambert, located near Normétal, in Abitibi-Ouest, must leave their homes due to the forest fires.

They are invited to go to La Sarre to register at the Cité Étudiante Polyno. This important step also lets authorities know that evacuees are safe. They will be redirected if they have no place to stay.

At the end of the morning, the Municipality asked its approximately 200 inhabitants to prepare to evacuate the premises.

Diane Provost, mayor of Saint-Lambert, assesses the situation with members of her council.

A notice had been sent to citizens earlier asking them to prepare for an imminent evacuation.

Bring your emergency kit, your medication, your spare linen, said Diane Provost, mayor of Saint-Lambert, late Monday morning.

Jean-Guy Garant brings with him his trailer, his snowmobile and his all-terrain vehicle. He regrets not being able to bring his antique museum.

Jean-Guy and Cédric Garant, met Monday morning.

We are still worried. We don't want that to happen. We have no choice, he mentioned a few hours before leaving his land.

His son, Cédric Garant, is also worried, but he understands that the evacuation order has been given due to the smoke. The fire is on the move. He too, with his wife and children.

The municipal campsite of Roquemaure, about thirty kilometers from La Sarre, is carrying out the preventive evacuation of its campers.

The deadline for leaving the premises is midnight in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

The city of La Sarre has been welcoming citizens from Normétal, in Abitibi-Ouest, since Saturday. On Sunday, a state of emergency was declared in Val-Paradis, located in Valcanton, in the municipality of Eeyou Istchee Baie-James, in Nord-du-Québec.

Jean-Paul Gagnon, from Val-Paradis, registered at the Cité Étudiante Polyno after having left home due to forest fires.

Jean-Paul Gagnon left his residence in Val-Paradis on Sunday evening. He traveled about fifty kilometers to get to La Sarre. He would have liked to return home on Monday to collect other personal effects, but the conditions did not allow it.

Martin Lacroix is ​​also waiting to be able to return to his home on Lac Pajegasque, near Val-Paradis.

Martin Lacroix was outside when the evacuation was ordered. Since he lives near Lac Pajegasque, he arrived in La Sarre without being able to return home.

Our house is our biggest possession in our lives. It is certain that there is concern even if it is assured, he believes.

Cécile Philippon was able to sleep in a borrowed trailer located near her daughter's house.

Cécile Philippon voted in favor of the evacuation of Val-Paradis .

It all happened as a group, the firefighters, SOPFEU. It was done with kindness and respect for people, says the Val-Paradis councilor.

Cécile Philippon is not worried about her residence, but she would like his garden is watered to preserve his fruits and vegetables.

With information from Martin Guindon