A strange bug in Android phones causes alarms not to sound

A strange bug in Android phones causes alarms not to sound

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A strange bug in Android phones causes alarms not to sound

If the popular Clock app (Google Clock) on your phone Android Lately it doesn’t work, even when setting the alarm in its multiple options, don’t worry about looking for a technical service for your cell phone: many unhappy users noticed this problem, which seems to be relatively spread worldwide.

As reported in several places, including on the specialized site Android Police, the list of applications in the Google Play Store receives daily many negative reviews from a star that mentions that alarms don’t sound when they should.

In this sense, one of the victims said that the app only vibrated once and, as a result, he was left without his teaching job because he “missed two class schedules in the morning.”

“It worked perfect, after the update to Android 11 the alarms stopped ringing, does not allow modifying the Spotify song, appear as missed alarms. I’m going to have to look for another app because I can’t fall asleep every day, “acknowledged user Mariana Gonzalez Scarpato in the Google store.

For his part, a user named Jaime Rodriguez also left his opinion: “I give it a star because there is no less. I have been more than a week without the alarm sounding thinking that I fell asleep and did not listen to it but today I performed 2 tests a day verifying that the phone turns on the screen, vibrates once as starting the alarm and instantly turns off “.

The Android Clock app allows you to set the alarm tone with set sounds or link it to Spotify.

Messages about this problem also multiplied on the social network Reddit. There users claim that the normal methods of solving this application problem, such as uninstall and reinstall, clearing your cache and changing settings, they don’t seem to work.

According to user notices on the collaborative platform, some people’s problems seem to be related to using a Spotify playlist as an alarm, or with your phone’s “Do Not Disturb” setting, but for others that doesn’t seem to be the case.

A strange bug in Android phones causes alarms not to sound

Among the options in the Android Clock app, you can also choose music from YouTube Music.

The Google Clock app, let’s remember, allows you to add alarms with music from the library of the streaming music app. In this way, it is possible to wake up to a song or music from an album or a playlist.

How to fix the bug in the Clock app

For now they are mere speculations on the part of users, since it is not yet clear exactly what the error in the Clock app could be related to. At first it was believed that he was especially linked to the Pixel phones, although a wide variety of models from various manufacturers are also affected.

An alternative solution is mentioned in a Reddit post on Google’s Pixel community account: “We have identified the issue and will implement it soon,” the message says; meanwhile recommends don’t use Spotify as alarm sound.

Using one of the default sounds on the device seems to solve the problem for some users, but not for others. Google and Spotify at least seem to be working to figure out what might be going on.

Another palliative for those who use the cell phone as an alarm clock, while Google’s headquarters are looking for a solution in this regard, are the free applications that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.