A teacher shamed a mother who gave a son for lunch at school, gherkins, which “are not considered” vegetables

A teacher shamed a mother who gave a son for lunch at school, gherkins, which “are not considered” vegetables Author: Elena Abdulaeva School Priscila mother who gave son for lunch at school pickled gherkins Photo: pixabay food news America news USA social network USA school Учительницы пристыдили мать, давшую сыну на обед в школу маринованные корнишоны, которые «не считаются» овощами

Mother condemned her son’s school after, according to her, school lunch, assembled it, criticized in the school. It turned out that mom gave son to school pickled gherkins, but they “are not considered” vegetables.

Mom told me that she sent the letter, claiming that on that day she gave him no vegetables or fruit. But she got mad because I put it in the lunch box a bit of gherkins, to which she said that “pickles are not considered”. Mom was even more furious that the school was not against ordinary cucumbers as a healthy snack, despite the fact that from the Botanical point of view, cucumbers are classified as berries.

The woman shared the notes she received from the school which said that vegetables “were absent from the lunch for your child today”. Share the notes on Twitter, she wrote: “Today are all-American debate regarding the Saga of lunch-box. Have people vote. Pickles are vegetables? They “considered”? Guess what. His brother cucumber is considered”.

The school management said: “Please note that the lunch should include ¼ Cup each of 2 different vegetables or ¼ Cup each of fruit and vegetables”.

Parents are told to give children milk, protein, fruit, vegetables and bread, and they send reminders if they forget something.

Despite the fact that the woman packs the lunch box son “with love”, this is not the first time a mother was condemned for her choice. Earlier she had received a note, saying that she forgot to put the vegetables.

She writes: “Here in what has become our life as parents. Hard. Too hard. You need to ensure that all items for some of the observing Committee. I work hard and put love into his daily lunch”.

Other parents said that teachers were “crossed” the line by sending a note. Someone wrote: “Oh, my God. It’s crazy”.

Another commented: “You know, whoever wrote it, he eats cold hot dogs, dipping in cheese sauce for lunch”.

Someone else said: “This is exactly the transition boundaries. I would start every day that do not add to give them more unnecessary work every day”.

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