A Three-Step Reintegration for Normétal Evacuees | Wildfires 2023

A Three-Step Reintegration for Normétal Evacuees | Wildfires 2023

A three-step reintegration for Norm tal evacuees | Wildfires 2023

The territory surrounding Normétal has changed with the construction of a trench to fight the forest fire. (File photo)

The village of Normetal, in Abitibi-Ouest, has been divided into three sectors for progressive reintegration operations. The first people to see the state of the village arrived at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.

It's a return to normal for nearly 800 people who received the order to evacuate on June 4.

The landscape has changed as trenches have been dug near the villages to stop the fire from progressing towards the infrastructures.

It is certain that the trench when you arrive, you can see the work that has been done to protect it. Of course it's not very beautiful, it's on the ground, but there could surely be some development that could be done so that the decor would be more interesting to look at in a few years and that it wouldn't remains only a bad memory, said Normand Lagrange, director general of the MRC d'Abitibi-Ouest on the show Ça faut le retour.

Personnel fighting forest fires in Abitibi-Ouest have notably practiced this disaster trench in the hope of slowing the advance of a fire and saving a power line.

The nearby fire is contained and resources on the ground are trying to contain it.

It's a return to normal in this turbulent time. Tuesday evening, the director general of the MRC d'Abitibi-Ouest, Normand Lagrange, spoke about the importance of taking post-traumatic shock seriously.

“Children, the elderly, vulnerable and even adults in general can be affected by an event. »

— Normand Lagrange

Normand Lagrange invited the population to consult health professionals since they have experienced significant events in recent days.

Yesterday, I was meeting at the Cité étudiante Polyno and we heard ambulances and myself, it increased [my stress]. Are they the firefighters? What is happening? It's important to land on our two legs, our two very strong paws, but to listen to ourselves and to what others are going through, he said.

In Saint-Lambert, the inhabitants were relieved to return to their homes.

On Tuesday, the population of Saint-Lambert was able to return to the village.

Smoke is present on the territory, particularly in the morning. Luc Goudreau, director of fire prevention and civil security, wanted to reassure the population by specifying that it is mainly smoke from the fires in Lebel-sur-Quévillon, in Nord-du-Québec. .

Just because the fire has flared up again doesn't mean you'll be at risk. If you return home [Wednesday], the situation is stable, he assured.

In Lebel-sur-Quévillon, the two main fires are not not mastered. The evacuation order was also given there on June 2.

One ​​hundred firefighters foresters from the United States landed at the Val-d'Or Airport on Tuesday to come and fight the forest fires in the region and in Lebel-sur-Quévillon.

Resources in the field are also receiving reinforcements. About 100 forest firefighters from the United States arrived in Val-d'Or on Tuesday. They must go to Nord-du-Québec and Abitibi-Ouest.

A little more than 20 kilometers from Senneterre, the fire progressed during the day on Tuesday.< /p>