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A very special Volkswagen ID.3 |  FormulaPassion.it

On 11 September 2021, Pride demonstrations will be organized in some British cities, in defense of the rights of people who feel part of the LGBTQ + community and against any kind of sexual or gender discrimination. Even if the most anticipated event, the one in London, has been canceled, in Milton Keynes (also home to the Red Bull team) there will be an equally ‘popular’ festival with several guests from the world of British and international showbiz.

Volkswagen UK also wanted to participate in Milton Keynes Pride, changing an ID.3 into a PRID.3 thanks to an appropriate change of livery that makes it very fun and colorful. Using the colors of the rainbow flag, a symbol of the LGBTQ + community, Volkswagen wanted to show its full support for the event – which, moreover, takes place not far from the brand’s headquarters in the United Kingdom – and it certainly did so in an unconventional way. .

The car almost appears to be wearing a camouflage livery similar to that used by the pre-production ID.3 prototypes. The manufacturer stated: “Traditional red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple are joined by black and brown to represent LGBTQ + and African American people, with the addition of pink, blue and white to represent each gender. All these colors blend into each other in a particular effect to reflect the union of all communities and identities, as well as to celebrate their differences.“.

The livery was designed by Volkswagen and Kent Creative FX and it took three days to properly apply it to the Glacier White paint of the ID 3 donor car. With the Pro Performance 201 horsepower specification, the PRID.3 electric car will remain homologated for the road and will be driven from Volkswagen’s UK headquarters to the festival site. Volkswagen UK Director Andrew Savvas said: “PRID.3 combines what we do as car manufacturers with what we do as responsible employers“. The German brand participates in and implements a program called Diversity and Inclusion among British employees.

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