A video in which a woman vacuuming the sidewalk, went viral

A video in which a woman vacuuming the sidewalk, became a viral Author: Victoria Semenova Became known the real story that lay behind viral videos Photo: iStockphoto Facebook viral videos news USA society of social network USA Видео, на котором женщина пылесосит тротуар, стало вирусным

Last week’s video in which a woman vacuuming the sidewalk, puzzled Internet and soon went viral. People in social networks are desperately wondering what happens in the video, offering a completely different conjecture. As it turned out, the video really has a story, which none of the commentators, and could not think.

The clip, which was posted on Facebook Brandon Tatro, was made in Yakima, Washington. In the video, local resident Cathy Rodriguez vacuuming the sidewalk near his home.

“We are now in Yakima,” – commented on Brandon’s first video footage. “I think someone has not heard about the broom.”

Users of Facebook could not refrain from commenting, endlessly joking about the broom. However, there were more critical comments where people assumed that the woman is under the influence of drugs. In fact, the true story was much more harmless: Katie said that he only removed the glass after a drunk driver crashed into her van. The woman didn’t want anyone injured by stepping on glass.

“I didn’t know what else to do, I thought about other people and animals. I don’t want them to get hurt.” – says Katie.

The story is compounded by the fact that van for the family Kathy was the only means of transportation, in addition, the culprit does not have insurance.

“I’m not a junkie I’m not crazy, I’m just thinking about others.” – said Cathy. “He broke three glasses in the back of my van and scattered glass everywhere.”

Shortly after it became known the real story video, many Facebook users began to condemn the commentators, who accused the woman of using drugs. Brandon – the author of the post, also asked for forgiveness from all whom were touched by the story.

“I apologize if it offended anyone. I received several messages in defense of the woman.” – he wrote.

Katie and her family have opened a fundraiser on GoFundMe to repair the van, donated by the family of their neighbor. Kathy says that Brendon apologized and was the first who donated money.

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