About 1,000 Activision Blizzard Employees Sign Letter Against Company Over Harassment

About 1,000 Activision Blizzard Employees Sign Letter Against Company Over Harassment

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About 1,000 Activision Blizzard Employees Sign Letter Against Company Over Harassment

The company’s workers and former employees call their response to the lawsuit “abhorrent and insulting.”

Almost a thousand Activision Blizzard employees and former employees have signed a letter harshly criticizing the company’s response to recent allegations, reports Bloomberg. Last week we learned that one of the official bodies of the state of California, United States, had sued the company for alleged serious cases of sexual harassment, abuse, discrimination and machismo against its employees, all after an investigation of more than two years around the inaction of the company.

We don’t trust leaders to prioritize the safety of their employeesAB employeesIn the letter shared by the aforementioned media, Activision Blizzard employees check the answer from the company to the demand as “abhorrent and insulting”. Let us remember that, after knowing the demand last week, Activision Blizzard issued a statement to the media where denied the accusations present in the document. The company claimed that the allegations do not reflect the “current situation” of the company, that they have already taken sufficient action in recent years to prevent harassment, and that the suicide of an employee collected in the lawsuit would not be related to the case.

As the letter shows, which you can read in its entirety on Bloomberg, Activision Blizzard employees reject the version entirely that the company relates. “Our company executives have stated that they will take action to protect us, but exposed to legal action -and given the worrying official responses that followed- we don’t trust in which our leaders are going to prioritize the safety of their employees over their own interests “, relates this public letter signed by about 1,000 workers.

“Claiming that this is ‘an irresponsible and baseless lawsuit’, as we watch so many employees and former employees bring to light their own experiences around harassment and abuse it’s just unacceptableActivision Blizzard workers claim that the official response, where the company denies all allegations, does nothing but make it difficult to find solutions to a problem as serious as the one covered by the demand. And with this, they demand that the board publishes a new official statement where recognize the seriousness accusations and show compassion for the victims.

They won’t silence us, we won’t back away, and we won’t budgeAB employeesLikewise, the employees demand that the board of directors Frances Townsend, who sent the first statement denying the accusations, leave your post as executive representative of the company’s network of workers. “We ask the executive management team to work with us on significant new efforts to ensure that employees – as well as our community – have a safe place where they can get ahead and tell their stories. “The letter ends with a show of support for all colleagues who have been victims of the cases.

They will not silence us, we are not going to depart, and we will not give in until the company we love is a workplace we can be proud to be a part of again. We will be the change“. Activision Blizzard’s management has not yet commented on this letter, published on the afternoon of Monday, July 26, but we will be very attentive to its possible official response.

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