About 50 people protested in Prague – Ruzyna against the cancellation of Líně airport

About 50 people protested in Prague – Ruzyna against the cancellation of Líně airport

Approximately 50 people protested against the Russian Airline in Prague - Ruzyna ;

Left Tlučná, Líně, far right Nová Ves, back right Pilsen, August 5, 2022 Líně.

Prague – About 50 people protested against the disruption of Líně near Plzeň airport due to the construction of a gigafactory for batteries for electric cars in Prague near Terminal 4 of Ruzyne Airport. The protest was organized by the Czech Aviation Association. The next event should take place at the airport in April. This was stated at the meeting by the chairman of the association Václav Vašek.

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According to Vašek, the union repeatedly tried to negotiate with government officials to explain to him why the state wants to liquidate an object that is essential for the state's defense capability. In addition, it provides facilities for more than 70 aircraft and several aviation schools. According to him, no one responded to calls to Prime Minister Peter Fial and competent ministers within the legal deadline. Former Czechoslovak cosmonaut Vladimír Remek supported the protesters. ČTK is investigating the government's statement.

According to the owner of the Aviation School Štefan Koprda, the government resolution from the beginning of February shows that the government wants to liquidate the airport even if Volkswagen does not choose the location for the gigafactory in the end. On February 1, the government approved a mandate for negotiations on the search for a replacement airport.

Representatives of the union plan to address the new president Petr Pavel in March after the inauguration, who has previously stated that he considers the cancellation of the airport a risk. On April 15, the union is planning another protest directly at the airport, which is the fifth most used in the Czech Republic.

Volkswagen is considering locations in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia in addition to the Czech Republic for the location of its battery factory for electric cars. He should make a decision by the end of March. He would like to start construction at the end of 2024 and produce battery cells from 2027. At the beginning of February, the government approved a non-binding memorandum of understanding with Volkswagen.

The estimated investment in the gigafactory is around 120 billion crowns, but mainly the project would according to the prime minister, he helped prepare the Czech car industry for electromobility. At the same time, it would mean the arrival of new technologies, the creation of new jobs and stable income for the state budget.