According to Michael Douglas, the key to a successful sex scene is practice

According to Michael Douglas, the key to a successful sex scene is practice

According to Michael Douglas, the key to success is sex. ;ne nácvik

Illustrative photo – On May 16, 2023, the 76th edition of the famous film festival began in the resort of Cannes in the south of France. The honorary award was accepted by the American actor and producer Michael Douglas.

Cannes – Famous American actor and producer Michael Douglas knows a lot about filming sex scenes, having starred in some of the hottest movies of the 80s and 90s. What does he think is the key to successfully filming such a scene? As he confided to the audience at the Cannes Film Festival, it's important to practice and also not let your partner feel that you're taking advantage of the situation.

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According to AFP, the 78-year-old actor said that it is currently a trend for so-called intimacy coordinators to work during filming. They're supposed to make the actors feel comfortable, and without them you can't do anything at all, Douglas added. He himself is not enthusiastic about this trend.

“The secret – and I think I've become an expert in sex scenes – is practice. It's like when you do a fight scene, you have to work out the choreography,” the star described images Basic Instinct or Fatal Attraction. “When you're shooting a love scene, it's important that the actress doesn't feel like you're abusing the situation. You tell her in advance what's going to happen: Now I'm going to put my hand here, you're going to put your hand here, and then we're going to kiss,” he added. “When you get it right, it will look spontaneous, even if it's pre-choreographed,” he added.

The Hollywood actor also talked about his father, Kirk Douglas, who just met his second wife in Cannes Anne Buydens. “Before social media, we had a lot more secrecy, we would meet secretly without anyone knowing,” Douglas said. “I talked to Lee DiCaprio about it, now someone sees you somewhere and suddenly there are 1,000 people. We don't have the freedom we used to have,” he added.