According to the Austrian, the barricade at the entrance to Prague Castle should disappear

According to the Austrian, the barricade at the entrance to Prague Castle should disappear


Checks on tourists heading to Prague Castle.

Prague – The results of the evaluation of security measures at the entrances to Prague Castle should be ready this April. After that, it will be decided in what form they will continue. The barricade right at the entrance should simply disappear, Interior Minister Vít Rakušan (STAN) said on Czech television. The Minister admitted that the security frames could possibly only be in selected places and the Castle area would be monitored.

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Controls at the entrances to Prague Castle were introduced in 2016. According to critics, the measures were unnecessary. At the time, the castle defended the measure with the need to ensure the safety of tourists. “The verification of the measures by the entire security community, the services, the police, is happening right now. The results should be in April. At our first meeting, Mr. President and I said that we understand that the area must be controlled somehow, but it must to look completely different than now,” the Austrian said in an interview with Czech Television today.

According to him, the form in which the Castle will be guarded in the future will depend on the results of the screening and mutual agreement. The Austrian said that the security frames could only remain in selected places inside the compound. “It is possible that the frames may remain in some form somewhere. There may be random checks, some closer monitoring of the area and the like,” he said. long queues at Prague Castle, on the contrary, represent a major security risk. The people standing in them could become the target of an attack. “Let's talk about how to stop this,” he said. The task is said to be to set up measures that will work, but will not be so massive and unpleasant for visitors, the Austrian added.

The cancellation of controls started to be talked about a little more than a year ago. At that time, according to the minister, the security forces were in favor of the changes. However, the situation changed when Russia attacked Ukraine and started a war.

Entrance controls were introduced in the summer of 2016. They drew criticism because, especially initially, long queues formed in front of the Castle. People had to go through security frames and the police also checked their luggage.