According to the SAO, Mynář caught 11 trophy game in the Lánské obora without authorization

According to the SAO, Mynář caught 11 trophy game in the Lánské obora without authorization

Mynář caught 11 pieces of trophy game in the Lánské reserve, according to NKÚ unauthorized

Illustration photo – Castle Chancellor Vratislav Mynář.

Prague – Castle chancellor Vratislav Mynář hunted trophy game in the Lánská nature reserve, but according to the Supreme Audit Office (NKÚ), this was against the rules of the time. He was not invited to the hunt by the president, but by the head of the Lány Forestry Administration at the time, Miloš Balák. In the period from October 2019 to October 2021, Mynář caught 11 pieces of game for a total of more than a quarter of a million crowns. This follows from a still unpublished finding of the SAO, which is reported to Seznam Zpravy. At the same time, the server states that Mynář apparently hunted in the reserve before, i.e. in years that were not checked by the SAO.

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According to the founding document, the main activity of the Lány Forest Service is to provide services related to the operation of hunting, fishing and recreation for the president and his guests, or other constitutional officials. According to the SAO, Miloš Zeman did not invite Mynař to the hunt. “The free hunts were not held on the basis of the invitation of the president of the republic or the chancellor, but were held on the basis of the invitation of the director of the Lány Forestry Administration,” the control office said according to Seznam Zpráv. “Participation in free hunts is only possible for the president of the republic, his guests, or other constitutional officials,” he added.

In the course of the two audited years, Balák invited Mynář and, on the occasion of his retirement, one of the branch's employees to hunt. According to the records, Mynář caught two European deer, four Japanese sika, two spotted fallow deer, two mouflons and one roe deer. In total, the game is worth almost 258,000 crowns. “The value of the hunt usually includes the value of the game species, the price of the hunting escort, the organization fee and the price for the preparation of the trophies,” said the inspectors.

Mynář did not comment on the server findings. “At the moment, I can only say that hunting and compulsory shooting in the fields of hunting management of the Lány Forestry Administration take place strictly in accordance with the Act on Hunting and legal regulations governing the handling of state property, which was confirmed by all external and internal control mechanisms,” he said his spokesman Vít Novák. The current director of the local administration, Pavel Rus, does not want to comment until the SAO publishes its report. Balák claims that his actions were in accordance with the law.

List The reports drew attention to the fact that Mynář apparently hunted game in the Lánské obora before October 2019. In his cabin near the ski slope in Osvětimany, not Uherskohradišťsk, he previously had dozens of dissected trophies. Some had labels, for example “Lánská obora” or “Lány 2018”. But the log cabin burned down last March.

The server also recently reported that Mynář had a party tent belonging to Prague Castle brought to the ski slope from the capital. When his reporters became interested in the case, the chancellor had the shelter transported back to Prague. He told the server that he had properly rented the tent from the Castle on an invoice. But the relevant contract was not published in the contract register, the server wrote.