According to the US vice president, Russia is committing crimes against humanity in Ukraine

According to the US vice president, Russia is committing crimes against humanity in Ukraine

Russia committed crimes against humanity in Ukraine, according to US vice president

US Vice President Kamala Harris, February 18, 2023

Munich (Germany) – Russia is behaving barbarically and inhumanely in Ukraine, committing war crimes and crimes against humanity during the invasion. US Vice President Kamala Harris announced this today at the Munich Security Conference in the Bavarian capital. She warned that the perpetrators of war atrocities will be held accountable for their actions as justice must be served. She added that Russian President Vladimir Putin must not succeed in Ukraine, as it would only support other authoritarian regimes.

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“The United States formally recognizes that Russia is committing crimes against humanity. And I say that all those who commit these crimes and their complicit superiors will be held accountable,” Harris said. “Justice must be served,” she added.

“Russian troops are committing horrific atrocities and war crimes in Ukraine. Russian troops are systematically attacking civilians, committing rape, execution-style killings, beatings and deportations,” Harris said. According to her, Russia forced hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to leave their homeland for Russia, including children. “He cruelly tears children from their families,” she said. She called these actions, which Russia continues to take, barbaric and inhumane.

“The United States will always stand on the side of justice. And when future generations look back, they will see that we rose to the task before us. us,” she said.

In her speech, Harris talked about how, when she was in Munich at a conference a year ago, she warned of an impending Russian invasion. “Now it's a year later and Ukraine still exists, the transatlantic partnership is stronger than ever. And most importantly, the Ukrainian people have endured,” she said. She mentioned that the US stands by its alliance commitments and that it will support Ukraine as long as necessary. “We have to stay strong, Russia must not win,” she said.

Any Russian success, according to Harris, would only encourage other authoritarian countries that might want to follow Moscow's example. She also pointed out that relations between Beijing and Moscow have worsened since the beginning of the invasion and that China's support for Russia undermines the principles of international law. She also mentioned that North Korea and Iran also support Moscow.