Actress Ivana Hloužková, winner of two Alfréd Radok Awards, has died

Actress Ivana Hloužková, winner of two Alfréd Radok Awards, has died

Actress Ivana Hloužková, winner of two Alfréda Radok Awards, has died

Illustrative photo – Actress Ivana Hloužková received the 2012 Alfréd Radok Award in Prague for the role of Miroslav Tichý in the play Tichý Tarzan in the Goose on a String Theater in Brno on March 3.

Brno – Actress Ivana Hloužková, a longtime member of the Brno theater Goose on a String, has died. She was 62 years old. She was one of the recognized and awarded theater actresses. She won the Alfréd Radok Award twice, the Theater Critics Award once and the City of Brno Award, and was also nominated for the Thálie Award. Today's death of Hlužková was reported by the Husa na právázku theater on the website, the information was confirmed by ČTK by the group's spokesperson Nikol Hlávková.

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Hloužková connected practically her entire acting career with “Provázke”, she also occasionally filmed films, TV and radio shows. He acts, for example, in the series Dobré ráno, Brno!, which was broadcast by Czech Television in recent weeks. She also starred in the films The Last Lech, Nuda v Brno or My Uncle Archimedes.

She won the Alfréd Radok awards for the role of Maryši and later for her portrayal of the photographer Miroslav Tichý in the production Tichý Tarzan. The theater critic's award won her the role of Emmi in the production of Fear Eats the Soul at Reduta in Brno. She received the City of Brno Award for 2021 in the category of dramatic arts. “Ivana Hloužková is one of the original Brno actors, whose art and fame go far beyond the boundaries of the city and the region, and she deserves admiration and appreciation,” the city management explained at the time when awarding the award. At the Theater Institute, she gained her first professional stage experience at the Petr Bezruč Theater in Ostrava. She started appearing on Provázek from the beginning of the 80s, she played dozens of characters, including the main ones. The last staged productions include the Khazar dictionary in Goose on a String and Who shot down an angel in the Bolka Polívka Theater.

“Our love and thoughts full of gratitude for the time spent together are flying for you in these minutes, Ivanka. May they catch up with you in rooms,” colleagues from Husy on a string wrote on the website. Thank you and we remember, Divadlo Bolka Polívky also joined.