Ada Rogovtseva: the path of Ukrainian legends and its “scorched wings”

Ада Роговцева: путь украинской легенды и ее "обгоревшие крылья"

The famous Ukrainian theater and film actress Ada Rogovtseva celebrates his 82nd birthday. She had to go and what to reject – read our material.

Despite her age, she’s got a pretty active life: plays on the stage, goes to the film festivals, helps the warriors. She actively supported two Ukrainian revolution: Euromaidan and the Orange. Since the beginning of the war with Russia helps soldiers ATO. Went to speak at the East of Ukraine and raised money for treatment of the military. In Russia hate her, against her criminal case. Although prior to the conflict, she has successfully worked in Russia.

On the occasion, the editors LifeStyle 24 will talk about her creative and personal journey.

The first star steps

People’s artist and Hero of Ukraine began their star trek very early. Dreamed of becoming a journalist, wrote poetry and recited them perfectly. But on the advice of her friends went to theater school and became a great actress.

His first film role was in the 18th years. Young Ada was played by Natalia Bashkirtseva in the film “taming of fire”. And later in the movie “When the nightingales sing” played Mariana Tow.

Ада Роговцева: путь украинской легенды и ее "обгоревшие крылья"

Young Ada Rogovtseva / Ivona – bigmir)net

The love of my life

While training at the Kiev Institute fell in love with people’s artist of USSR Konstantin Stepankova. He was her teacher and became a mentor and a love for life. For the young actress Stepankov has left his family and they married. The lovers lived together forty-six years.

Despite all the difficulties, which were many in the life of Ada, she was able to succeed. At age 23, has become an honored artist, and in 30 years has got the national title. They had two children, and dozens of films and performances.

Ада Роговцева: путь украинской легенды и ее "обгоревшие крылья"

Actress at the theater /

Rogovtseva did not hide his happiness until he lost the most dear people. In July 2004, buried her beloved husband, after which he dedicated his book to “My bones” their love. In July 2012 lost son Constantine, who died from an incurable form of cancer.

Ада Роговцева: путь украинской легенды и ее "обгоревшие крылья"

Ada Rogovtseva in the family circle / chodorow Today

After the death of his son, the actress had not appeared on the scene, did not give interviews, and hardly ever talked. Only after he wrote his second book “Evidence of life”.

When you love the son as anyone ever has, and he loves you the same way how can we live without it?
– said the actress

Support and the support of

In hard times a daughter and grandchildren helped her out of her grief. She loves them. They were her greatest support. Although he says that without her son and husband her life almost became empty.

Ада Роговцева: путь украинской легенды и ее "обгоревшие крылья"

Ada Rogovtseva with her daughter and granddaughter at the shooting of the project “Shchyri” /

Rogovtseva managed to rise and go on. At 82 continues to amaze me with their optimism and energy. Actively creative life: in films, plays in the theatre and considers herself lucky.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainian legend is still touring the Ukraine and often visited in the Donbass. Now its priorities is to support ATO soldiers prisoner and film Director Sentsov. Her courage is just admirable. And wisdom should learn.

Author: Irina Kovalchuk

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