Adamczyková did not win another medal at the WC, Salač is in the Big Air final

Adamczyková did not win another medal at the WC, Salač is in the Big Air final

Adamczykova did not win a medal at the WC, Salač is in the final Big Air

Illustration photo – World Snowboarding Championships, Women's Snowboardcross, March 1, 2023, Bakuriani. Czech competitor Eva Adamczyková.

Bakuriani (Georgia) – Snowboardcrosser Eva Adamczyková did not win another medal after Wednesday's triumph in the individual race at the World Championships in Bakuriani. With Radek Houser, she was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the mixed doubles event. Kristian Salač will go to his first World Championship in the final in the Big Air discipline. Vanessa Volopichová narrowly failed in the qualification shortened due to fog, taking the first non-progressive place.

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The Czech team's hopes of advancing from the first round dropped significantly in the opening race, in which Houser fell in the fight for second place and finished last. “I stuck with everyone from the start, it was slow down the long straight. Then I had contact with another driver, I didn't keep it on the edge and I fell,” Houser regretted on Facebook.

Adamczyková thus set out on the track with the maximum possible loss of four seconds, which is awarded in the event of a fall or a large distance from a male member of the team. The twenty-nine-year-old Czech star closed the gap on the trio of rivals, but on a track slowed down by rain, she did not get out of fourth place.

“Four seconds here is enough. I dropped a second, I saw them in front of me, but the conditions are it's complicated here today. It's rough for all of us, it's snowing. There's nothing we can do, we did our best, we tried, and that's important,” she said. Overall, the Czech pair ranked tied for 13th place.

The British Huw Nightingale and Charlotte Bankes won, who partly made up for the disappointment of the individual race, in which she was eliminated in the round of 16 as the defending gold medalist. Austrians with Wednesday's champion Jakob Dusek finished second, France was third. The British and French were opponents of the Czech team in the quarter-finals.

Two-time Olympic medalist and two-time world champion Adamczyk completed her first mixed doubles race since December 2021. In Montafon, she took second place with Jan Kubičík, but broke both legs above the ankles while crossing the finish line and missed the rest of the season, including the Olympic Games in Beijing. The native of Vrchlabí returned to the World Cup at the beginning of last December and completed her comeback on Wednesday in Georgia with a commanding victory in the individual race.

Mixed pairs were originally supposed to fight for medals on Saturday, but the organizers postponed the race due to the unfavorable weather forecast moved to today.

Salač is in the Big Air finals at the World Championships, Volopichova narrowly missed out on advancing

Snowboarder Kristian Salač will go to Bakuriani for his first World Championship in the final in the Big Air discipline. In the qualification shortened due to fog, Vanessa Volopichová narrowly failed to take the first non-advancement place.

Twenty-one-year-old Salač made it to the ten-member final as the fifth last of her group. Only eight women competed for medals, and 15-year-old Volopichová took ninth place with a loss of only 25 hundredths of a point. Unlike the men, the women managed only two jumps, in the third series the qualification was ended prematurely due to bad weather.

Sárka Pančochová did not reach the final even in her third start in Georgia after slopestyle and U-ramp, finishing 14th .place. Jakub Hroneš was classified on the 27th place.

The final is scheduled for Sunday.

Snowboardcross – mixed pairs: 1. Nightingale, Bankesová (Brit. ), 2. Dusek, Zerkholdová (Austria), 3. Surget, Trespeuchová (Fr.), 4. Baumgartner, Jacobellisová (USA), …13. Houser, Adamczyková (Czech Republic) were eliminated in the quarterfinals.