Aerosols irrevocably destroy the gray matter of the brain

Scientists believe that dirty air is dangerous for the brain, especially for children.

Аэрозоли безвозвратно разрушают серое вещество мозга

The study was conducted by the employees of the Medical center children’s hospital of Cincinnati (USA). In research took part 147 of twelve children. It is noteworthy that all the young patients in the first year of his life, breathed polluted air, which contained different concentration of air aerosols.

After an MRI and other studies of the brain, scientists have found that children who lived in polluted areas, the observed volume reduction of the gray matter of the brain and thinning of the cortical layer. These structures are responsible for controlling motor functions, hearing, vision and other sensory processes of perception.

The researchers note that this destruction is smaller than in neurodegenerative diseases, but still eliminate the degree of harm is impossible.

Aerosols irrevocably destroy the gray matter of the brain. Loss is 3-4% of the total mass in the frontal and parietal lobes and the cerebellum, – explained the authors of the study. – Our discovery confirms that the dirty air affects the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases and pathological processes of nervous system development.

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