Afghanistan, Saleh: “No to Talebanistan, we want sensible negotiations”

Afghanistan, Saleh: “No to Talebanistan, we want sensible negotiations”

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Afghanistan, Saleh: “No to Talebanistan, we want sensible negotiations”

“We don’t want Afghanistan to become a Taliban, it won’t happen, that’s what the Taliban want.” This was stated in an interview with India Today TV by Amrullah Saleh, the vice president of Kabul who surrendered to the Taliban and who claims to be the country’s “interim president” after Ashraf Ghani’s escape. “We prefer negotiations, but they must be sensible – he added – We reject the Taliban emirate, the dictatorship, the seizure of power by force”.

“We are not looking for positions, personal favors, but we want the Afghans to have a chance to decide the characteristics of the state – he stressed – We want the identities of all ethnic groups to remain. The negotiations must be very sensible, not on the style of Doha to legitimize the oppression of the Taliban “.

“The Taliban claim to have conquered a part of the Panshir, it is absolutely false, we have control over it, morale is high,” Saleh said.

“We have been able to build a consensus among the community. They are not willing to sell the soul of the resistance,” he added speaking of Panshir, which would be the last pocket of resistance to the Taliban. “We are ready for negotiations”, he reiterated speaking of ongoing talks, but also “for resistance if the negotiations fail”.

“Negotiating – he insisted – does not mean a disguised surrender”. “If the Taliban will opt for clashes – he said again – we are ready for anything”.

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