Afghanistan: with the return to power of the Taliban, the price of burqas skyrockets

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Afghanistan: with the return to power of the Taliban, the price of burqas skyrockets

The return to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan has made the prices skyrocket hijab and gods burqa, traditional women’s clothing that the women they were often forced to wear by so-called Koranic students. This was revealed by the independent Afghan news agency Pajhwok.

TO Kabul prices and sales of hijab, which cover the head and shoulders, increased considerably after the takeover of the city by the Taliban. “In the past I was selling at most four or five hijab per day, but after the return of the Taliban I sell from 15 to 17 ”, he revealed to the Afghan agency Faiz Agha, a shopkeeper of women’s clothing in the capital.

“Before the return of the Taliban, I was selling from six to seven hijab per day, but now I sell up to 20 per day “, echoed another Afghan salesman in town, Niamatullah, according to which i prices. In the past a hijab it was sold for about 1,000 Afghans (less than ten euros), but now they are selling for no less than 1,200 Afghans (about 11 euros and 90 cents).

And the burqa, which cover the woman from the head to the feet. According to the Iranian news agency Isna, i prices of this item of clothing have increased tenfold in Afghanistan from the return to the power of Taliban, which at the moment have not yet imposed it by law.

In fact, in recent days the spokesperson for the movement of the so-called Koranic students Suhail Shaheen announced that it hijab will return “mandatory in accordance with the law of sharia“, But for now the burqa it’s not on the agenda. Yet market expectations seem different.

An Afghan woman told the Iranian news agency that she had to wait several hours in line to buy one burqa. “THE Taliban they took power a Kabul, surprising everyone: they thought that the city would be able to resist for at least a year or more ”, said the witness. “THE burqa they are hard to find. I have one or two in the house, but we are three women in my family: maybe we will be able to make one hijab from a sheet “.

But the question is not just about the women. Abdul Malik, a seller of turbans from Kabul, unveiled a Pajhwok that with the arrival of the Taliban Sales of traditional men’s headwear also increased. “In the past I was selling six or seven turbans per day, but now I sell about thirty, ”he revealed Malik, according to which i prices they vary from 300 to 3,000 Afghans (from less than 3 to almost 30 euros – ed) depending on the quality.

A resident of the 11th district of Kabul admitted to having started wearing the turban with the return of the Taliban. “Until recently I was wearing the karakul (a cylindrical headdress that covers the temples – ed), but now I prefer the turban despite the Taliban do not force us to carry it, ”he told Pajhwok.