After a creative lull Olga Rokicka introduced a new track about love

Almost a year about artist, former front-woman of the group, My town and the wife of a famous footballer Yaroslav Rakitskiy nothing was heard. As admitted herself Olga Rokicka, despite the fact that last year she was fully dedicated to the education of their children, three — year old Yaroslava and almost one year old son Artem, she never ceased to create.

После творческого затишья Оля Ракицкая представила новый трек о любви

Otherwise, the battery sits, and you simply is not even enough for his family, not to mention creativity. To give away something, you must first fill myself. Year pause in motherhood has given me a lot, taught a new way, helped to rethink the old. Finally beginning to understand what they want exactly me and not someone else. Yeah, I didn’t appear anywhere publicly, not released new tracks, but I never stopped creating. And now I’ll be able to share their new songs. It is working with music gives me pleasure and happiness. It seems to me that if I stop writing, then stop to breathe. I have a year written over ten songs and I don’t stop. But the album, which is scheduled to release soon, will include the best

Olya said.

The song “What will I tell mom?” appeared unexpectedly even for the artist.

I have many sources of inspiration — books, music, nature, people. But the songs always appear suddenly. Very often, driving in the car born of the first row. I record them on tape. And then at home under the piano finalize the song. This time, after the emotional phone conversation, her head suddenly began to spin the line: “you Call, as if nothing had happened”. He felt a strong rush of inspiration, quickly sat down at the piano, line by line, and for half an hour the song was born. This song I wanted to tell you how important it is not to be silent. To prevent the formation of pits and walls between people. After all, the most valuable thing we have — love. And its important to keep!

added Rakitskaya.

The artist decided to immediately share a new creation, not wasting time on thoughts and video.

I realized that if I didn’t share it now, perhaps it will remain only heard me. To do is to establish exactly what wishes your soul, no limits. That’s what I did in this song. From text and music to fill in the arrangement. I love to mix styles and experiment

says the singer.

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