After Chabelo's death, who are the longest-lived actors?

After Chabelo's death, who are the longest-lived actors?

Most of them had their heyday in the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, some are still in force, others had serious health problems, but they went ahead to continue their legacies

After Chabelo's death, who are the longest-lived actors< /p>Although people believe that Chabelo is the longest-lived in Mexico, there are actors who are older than 10 years (Photos: Cuartoscuro //Instagram/@takebtake)

LaThe age of the most recognized actresses and actors in Mexican film and television has always been a fact of interest to a large part of the public, which seeks to know exactly this information to demystify some rumors that circulate on social networks.< /p>

One ​​of those unknowns always had as its protagonist Xavier López Chabelo, whom recognized as the longest-lived actor in the country. This imprecise data went so far that with each death of a star, they were compared to the “friend of all children”.

This March 24th, the multifaceted Xavier López died , at the age of 88, which for many Mexicans was a strong blow, since he is an actor who accompanied several generations.

Chabelo was approaching 90 years of age, however on March 25 his closest friends confirmed his departure, which joins that of Ignacio López Tarso, another of the actors with more decades of experience.

From now on, many wonder about the longest-lived artists, some of them even longer than “Chabelo”.

Eric del Castillo

At 88, the father of Kate del Castillo is one of the oldest actors in the country. He also dabbled as a screenwriter, director and actor in theater and television. He made about a hundred films between 1959 and 2014, in addition to some works and soap operas.

After death de Chabelo who are the longest-lived actors

Tongolele conquered both cabarets and Mexican cinema (Photo: Special)

María Victoria Latoya Gutiérrez

At 88, she is also a Mexican singer and comedian he shone during the golden age of national cinema since his leap onto the screens in 1942, when he made the film Canto de las americas. Such was her influence that a statue was made in her honor, which was placed outside the Blanquita Theater.

Yolanda Montes “Tongolele”

The vedette who conquered the Golden cinema is currently 91 years old, just turned on January 3. When she arrived on Mexican soil she was called “the Panther Goddess”. Over time, she s u figure she conquered theaters and cabarets in Mexico, until in 1947 she debuted in the film Nocturno de amor , starring actress Miroslava Stern. From then on, the big screen was also completely hers.

Silvia Pinal

One of the most privileged places in the Mexican Olympus is for the 91-year-old “Diva of Mexican cinema.” Despite the fact that in recent years her health condition has declined, she is currently surrounded by her family and was even seen acting in a play, despite criticism of seeing her on stage or seeing her in a wheelchair. .

Elsa Aguirre

At 92, she is still recognized for two things. The first is for being one of the last actresses of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. While the second is because of his beauty, which captured the attention and love of the greatest gallants of the time, such as Jorge Negrete, Ignacio López Tarso or Pedro Infante, whom he rejected without remorse.

After Chabelo's death, who are the longest-lived actors

Elsa Aguirre is recognized for performing the first nude in the history of Mexican cinema (Photo: Twitter/@depelicula)

Ana Luisa Peluffo

Best known for being the pioneer in the nude in Mexican cinema, for a scene in the film La fuerza del deseo< /i>, Ana Luisa de Jesús Quintana Paz Peluffo is currently 93 years old. Although she debuted in the United States, most of her career was spent in the national territory, and she stood out as one of the most emblematic actresses.

Sergio Corona< /h2>

The new generations recognize him for being the leader of As the saying goes, but at 94 years old and with a career spanning more than 75 years, his acting life has been more than prolific. He started as a ballet dancer in national and international theaters . His foray into acting came in 1950, when he participated in the film Curvas peligrosas.

Ignacio López Tarso

Finally, the place of honor was taken by the legendary Ignacio López Tarso, who also passed away this March 2023 at the age of 98.

Born on January 15, 1925, the Mexican star stood out in several disciplines: acting, singing, dubbing; all as part of a very complete career. In addition, he could presume that thepoet Xavier Villaurrutia asked him to adopt another surname to succeed, so, in honor of Saint Paul the Apostle, he took the name of his hometown, Tarsus, to take the reflectors for almost 80 years.